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Elizabeth Ann

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Elizabeth Ann

From spiritual guidance and healing to meditation and reiki workshops, Elizabeth offers a wide-range of healing services to help with your spiritual health!

The Healing Experience - Services


Spiritual Guidance & Intuitive Counselling

Whilst doing Reiki treatment, I sometimes achieve messages from the client's energy, which I pass on after the healing. These can lead to some intuitive counselling to help the client's well being.


Crystal Healing
Crystals are applied to the body whilst doing Reiki healing. This gives further energy to the client and is placed on the client's 7 chakras.


Reiki (pronounced Ray - Key) is a Japanese word representing Universal Life Force Energy, the energy which is all around us. Reiki accelerates the body's natural ability to heal physical ailments and opens the mind and spirit to the causes of disease, disharmony and pain.


  • Energy to the body
  • Opens the mind to emotional changes
  • Awareness to dreams
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Old / unwanted habits loose their importance
  • Calms the body and mind when stressed

Reiki 1 Courses
Reiki 1 - Cost $250
Please ring Elizabeth (Reiki Master) Mobile: 0415335887 if interested.
The Reiki 1 workshop is conducted over one day and it includes:

  1. Four attunements
  2. Learn the History of Reiki
  3. Feel the Reiki energy
  4. Learn about Chakras
  5. Self Awareness
  6. Metaphysics of Illness
  7. How to use Reiki and shown how to do a full Body Reiki Healing.

Pre-requisite for Reiki 1 Course is that you must be able to meditate and have a general knowledge of what Reiki is.
You will receive a folder of your own notes to take away with you.
A Reiki 1 Certificate will be presented to you at the conclusion of the Course.
After learning Reiki 1 you will enjoy this gentle but powerful loving universal energy, and use it to heal friends, family and yourself. It will also bring healing and balance into your life.

Reiki 2 - Cost $300
The Reiki 2 workshop is also learnt over one day, and it includes:

  1. Two Attunements
  2. Learn how to write and memorise three symbols. Cho-Ku-Rei, Sei-He-Ki and Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen these symbols give extra energy when healing clients.
  3. Learn how to do Absent Healing Past, Present,Future.
  4. How to become a Reiki Practitioner.

Pre-requisite for Reiki 2 Course is that you must have already completed the Reiki 1 Course.
You will receive notes on the Reiki 2 Course to take away with you.
A Reiki 2 Certificate will be presented to you at the conclusion of the Course.
After learning Reiki 2 you will enjoy this loving energy for healing others, yourself and Mother Earth.

Reiki 3 Reiki Master Level - Cost $500 (Scheduled as and when required)
TheReiki Master Level is learnt over a day but the new Master needs to keep in touch with the Teacher, as it is an ongoing sharing and awakening in others to a very special energy.
The Reiki Master workshop includes:

  1. One Attunement
  2. Attunement sequence given is First Degree (Reiki 1)
    • Second Degree (Reiki 2)
    • Master Status
  3. Two Symbols are given Dai Ko Mio and Tam-A-Ra-Sha

You will learn:

  1. Your lineage
  2. Discovery of Reiki
  3. All workshop notes for teaching all three levels of Reiki.
  4. Larning about protection when healing.
  5. This Course is usually done on a one-to-one basis

If you are interested in learning any of these levels of Reiki, I would welcome an enquiry from you.
Love , Light and Blessings,
Liz Smith Reiki Master
March 2018


Meditation Workshops
These are worked on a one to one basis. I have found working with clients on a one to one basis obtains more results in learning meditation. My group classes tended to create clients feeling they were not progressing well and they tended to be in the ego rather than working on themselves.

We also supply a range of other services including:

  • Crystal healing, Reiki services
  • Meditation individual (0ne to one) and Reiki workshops
  • Spiritual guidance and Psychic Readings
    Transactional Analysis Counselling.

    Give us a call today for a friendly discussion about how we can help with your spiritual health!

Qualification Details

  • Reflexology - Certificate II
  • Reiki 1, 2 and Master Level for teaching Reiki.
  • Meditation - teach meditation in fortinightly groups with speakers.
  • Counselling - Transactional Analysis to Level 3
  • Bach Flower Essences - Basic Instruction to make own Flower essence

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