Family Constellations (Online Courses)

Yildiz Sethi

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Certified Course. Family Constellations training is a powerful approach for all relationship issues, personal growth and blocks to success and recovery from trauma and sexual abuse.

This is suitable for ‘People who help People’. Counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists, hypnotherapists, coaches, Family-court Mediators and new therapists, or people who are changing their career. Foundation Systemic and Business and Wellness and Dis-Ease Constellation training offered.

Family Constellations Training (Online)

This is a certificated course.

Online Systemic Constellation training is appropriate for working with generational patterns, relationship and family, and trauma and systemic sexual abuse in group settings and individual sessions (in three format).

Why look at Systemic Constellation training?

Many people seek help by many means such as counselling, hypnotherapy, coaching and a range of therapies, but find that some problems persist. This is because deeper problems are often buried in the Systemic or generational mind. These may be relationship patterns, mental health and wellbeing, sabotage patterns and self-esteem, sexual abuse and trauma. These issues may be part of the family system and also manifest in present life experiences.

Epigenetics has shown that such patterns can and are passed onto further generations and further, that DNA may be switched on or off. A psychotherapy that accesses this level of function is Systemic Constellations (Family Constellations). The Constellation process is appropriate for releasing patterns and trauma in allowing new neural pathways to form. The Systemic Constellation process is brief, solution-focused, experiential and highly effective for a wide range of human relational and personal issues.

Since the Royal Commission on sexual abuse and the current “Me Too” movement, it has become evident that sexual abuse is far more prevalent than many of us had realised. This issue often comes up in constellation work, as the underlying issue of mental health, relationship or self-esteem issues. Yildiz has developed powerful and effective ways to work with trauma and sexual abuse in Constellation work that do not retraumatise and provide pathways to recovery.

For this reason the trainings offered include how to work effectively with systemic trauma and sexual abuse within the training.

This training takes place with Yildiz and is supported by Satish who is also fully trained and experienced. They have been working in this area since 2005. Holding workshops in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, private sessions in person and online and holding professional trainings each year since 2008.

They believe it is critically important to receive training from those who’ve received good consistent training themselves, from one set of highly experienced trainers to provide a sound theory and practice base from which to grow. This is what they offer to you.

Systemic Constellation training is composite online training. This consists of  11 Pre recorded webinars that you may start now so you can learn at your own pace and one 5 day 9-4.30pm Qld live online component.

Yildiz and Satish offer a range of constellation trainings with different levels.


  • Family of origin:
  • Present family
  • Systemic sexual abuse and trauma
  • Private sessions in three formats
  • You will receive personal development throughout the training.

" This training has changed the way I work profoundly and given me so much insight and skills to help people in a meaningful way." Jane

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Qualification details

Trained with Svagito Leibermeister, Bert Hellinger. Master Counselling, Graduate Diploma Counselling, Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP. Family Constellation facilitator and trainer. B. ED (Physics and Chemistry). Founder Rapid Core Healing (RCH) and Emotional Mind Integration (EMI). Author

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Family Constellations (Online Courses)