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On completion of the 2-Day Basic plus the 5-Day Intensive course, you will have the skills and confidence to help yourself as well as to make a measurable difference in the lives of others through online or face to face sessions. Please note: Our trainings are not offerred online but designed for face to face participation and are held at Coolangatta Qld.

Practitioner Certification in Genome DNA Stem-Cell Healing

Practitioner Certification in Genome DNA Stem-Cell Healing

Enrol on the the Practitioner Certification in Genome DNA Stem-Cell Healing course and assist clients from your home office over Skype or Zoom. Take them into their bodies, to ‘allow their organs to speak’ and be transformed. The organs themselves will tell you of their profound transformations.

Heal traumas within minutes, clear ancestral baggage, activate stem-cells, use digital number codes and geometry for rapid emotional and physical healings.

 2 Day DNA Stem Cell Healing Basic Course - $645


  • Basic 22-23  May 2021 


  • 9am - 5.30pm daily


  • Coolangatta Beach, QLD (5 mins by taxi from Gold Coast Airport)

Prerequisite: No prior experience

Investment: $645

Practitioner certification is achieved after completion of the 2-Day and 5-Day Courses. These two courses can be attended separately or back to back.

The 2-Day Basic Course will give you first-hand experience of the immediate changes you can effect within your body (and the bodies of others) simply through the power of your mind. These methods are not just for healing a specific part of your body but they provide you with the tools to begin the regeneration process in every organ and system throughout the entire organism.

  • You will learn to ‘embody’ your organs so they will “talk” to you and give you an understanding of what is going on within them.
  • You’ll learn to use some of the most powerful healing techniques for emotional and physical transformation on the planet today. These are based on the fundamental principles of quantum physics and inspired by the teachings of mathematician and scientist Professor Grigori Grabovoi and other ‘Russian Miracle Workers’.
  • Within minutes of using these techniques you will experience how your organs have begun the process of regeneration.
  • You will learn to realign the spine simply through the power of focussed intent.
  • How to get in touch with and change defective genomes, DNA and chromosomes through the use of geometry and number codes.
  • You’ll learn to reprogram your stem cells for optimal functioning and direct them to areas in the body requiring healing and regeneration
  • Within the first few hours of the course you’ll be able to affect profound change for others. .. all through the power of your consciousness.

“The turnaround has been amazing! I feel light, happy, optimistic ... just wonderful. I can't say enough or explain well enough in words what I have gained... Carol, thankyou from my heart, I truly believe Genome Healing has saved my life.” —Gina Broso, Atlas Profilax Practitioner, Hong Kong

5 Day DNA Stem Cell Healing Intensive Course - $1,675


  • 24-28 May 2021


  • 9am - 5.30pm daily


  • Gold Coast - Coolangatta Beach (5 mins by taxi from Gold Coast Airport)

Prerequisite: Completion of the 2 day basic course
Investment: $1,675

An in-depth journey of healing and self empowerment - practitioner certification

In this course you will be taking a more in-depth journey into your organs and systems as well as your chakras, genomes, chromosomes, telomeres, DNA and stem cells experiencing the difference as they transform.

  • You will learn how to work with your youth and vitality chromosomes and telomeres to assist in reversing the aging process
  • You will also learn how to work with past, present and future time and how to choose another time line for faster results
  • You’ll learn how you can heal lists of past traumas at once in ONE short session and be able to help others do the same
  • You will learn to effectively deal with subconscious self-sabotaging patterns and recognise what you are gaining from choosing negativity, ill health and degeneration 
  • You will learn methods to quickly transform addictive urges and obsessions
    (smoking, alcohol or food etc.)
  • You’ll learn how to connect with planets that are negatively affecting your health and instantly re-established lost harmonious relationships with them.
  • You will learn a powerful method to heal each and every past life-time
  • You will learn how to heal your home, finances and relationships using advanced geometries and number codes.
  • You’ll gain the confidence and skills to achieve real and measureable healing results for yourself and others.

“The Genome DNA Stem-Cell healing course with Carol Roberts is phenomenal! I have been to many hundreds of healing courses, and this is by far one of the best healing courses I have ever done... I can’t thank Carol enough for giving us this life-changing opportunity.” Hong Curley, author, writer for Living Now magazine, traditional Chinese medical practitioner, Gold Coast.

Can anyone learn these techniques?

Yes, the techniques were specifically designed so that anyone can apply them and get great results irrespective of prior healing experience. Students are able to quickly tap into their ‘extra sensory perception’ through the unique methods Carol has designed.

Receive instant feedback from those you work with

As you feel the changes within yourself and get feedback from those you work with in the course, you will gain rock solid conviction that simply through the power of your consciousness, you can achieve real, measurable and tangible results for yourself and others.

Release traumas within minutes

Our rapid trauma release methods are second to none in the world and are vitally important for not only emotional but physical healing.

Expand your client base, give better service, make more money.

You are not limited to clients visiting you in a clinic or home office. You can assist people from a distance on Skype, Zoom or over the telephone with equally good results.

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