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HappiSoul - Accredited EFT Coach and Trainer

Alison van Vuuren

Sydney NSW 2095

Servicing area: Manly, New South Wales

HappiSoul - Accredited EFT Coach and Trainer

A place where you can change pain & overwhelm to acceptance, confidence and inner peace.

HappiSoul - Accredited EFT Tapping Coach and Trainer


HappiSoul is about assisting you to experience peace, contentment, compassion, joy and ease, all of which are your natural state of being. I can help you to release any blocks within your body, mind or soul to reveal that beautiful place within you.

This includes any limiting beliefs you’ve stored up in your ‘closet’, we all create beliefs from our life experiences its what we then make them mean that can cause the Dis-Ease, ie limiting instead of supporting beliefs.

When we commit to taking the journey within by getting to know our selves better, using the challenges in our life as opportunities for growth, we are far more equipped to enjoy a colourful life.

What to expect in a session

During my sessions I offer lots of support and use powerful tools like EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, because they work.

“I am experienced enough to powerfully take where you know you’ve been meaning to go, but just not got around to it…until NOW!”

How I Spend My Time Helping You:
    Private Coaching Sessions - 80%

    AAMET CERTIFED EFT Training - 70%

    Exclusive Weekend Retreats - 50%

    Public Speaking - 40%

    Group Tapping - 40%

Who Is Alison?

I was born in the UK and moved to Australia when I was 23. Having come from a career in both the management of community establishments and within the Hospital system, my skills and knowledge in supporting people with complex and physical and emotional challenges in their life has been a continuing and evolving journey for over 25 years.

In addition to this, I am a qualified EFT practitioner and trainer and have been delivering EFT coaching since 2007

My passion is to guide you back to your self and to embrace the life you wish for, using powerful and successful tools to clear the ‘gunk’ that’s in the way.

Call Alison to find out more on how she can help you, or to book your first appointment with her today! I am also available for Skype private one on one sessions