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Holistic Iridology - Specialised Distance Education


Holistic Iridology - $695

Course Code: GIRID
Online Lessons: 8
Course Duration: Up to 12 months
Assessment: Online

Qualification: Graduates will receive the Health and Harmony Certificate.

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This extensive course will teach you how to read the sign language of the iris.

  • Industry Recognised with many of our graduates furthering their career in one of the many health and wellbeing industries, or to start their own business.

  • Full tutorial support offered throughout length of study

  • No fixed starting dates

  • No attendance necessary

  • Study at your own pace

Iridology is the art of studying the iris to uncover disposition towards disorders. It reveals areas of vulnerability in the body — rather than diagnose present conditions — and thus, when paired with a healthy diet and lifestyle, can be used to help prevent illnesses from developing long before symptoms even occur. Iridology is non-invasive, accurate and a perfect complement to other natural therapies.

It is a valuable and fascinating technique in which the iris of the eye is examined to diagnose the energy and toxin levels in any location of the body. Iridology is effective for both immediate self-diagnosis and patient diagnosis. This extensive course will teach you how to read the sign language of the iris, as well as the pupil and sclera (whites) of the eye.

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