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Learn the basics of how to identify and correctly administer herbs for medicinal purposes.

Medicinal Herbs Course

Course Outline:

Many plants or plant combinations are poisonous. For this reason, it is essential that before using an herb, you are able to POSITIVELY identify it.

This course provides an excellent foundation for developing a sound knowledge of medicinal herbs.

This Course is all done online via distance

The Course covers the below topics:

    • Introduction to Medicinal Herbs
    • Culture of Medicinal Herbs
    • History
    • Main Medicinal Herbs
    • Herbal Remedies
    • Preparing Herbal remedies
    • Poisonous Plants
    • Developing a Production Plan

Course Outcome:

- Distinguish between medicinal herbs in cultivation, including twenty-five different genera and fifty different varieties.

- Discuss the history of medicinal herb usage.

- Compare the chemical components of different medicinal herbs in terms of their general effect on the human body.

- Prepare simple and safe herbal remedies in a domestic situation.

- Explain the potential dangers involved in dealing with plants.

- Prepare a schedule of cultural practices for a medicinal herb crop.

- Develop a production plan for a medicinal herb crop.

Career Options:

Successful completion of the course will enable you to complement your work as:

    • Chefs
    • Alternative Therapist
    • Natural Therapists

There are many other possibilities with this versatile course. Many of our students who do this course are:

    • Naturopaths
    • Alternative Therapists
    • Herbalists
    • Ayurvedic Consultants
    • .....or working in the Health and Wellness Industries.

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