Bowen / Massage 2 Day Workshop
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Heart of Bowen & Touch Therapies

Servicing area: South Australia

Heart of Bowen & Touch Therapies

This workshop provides a mix of theory and hands on practical sessions and there are no prerequisites to this workshop other than participants are expected to be trained in one of the interpretations of Bowen therapy or massage therapy.

Adapting Your Remedial Therapy Treatment For At Risk Clients

This 2 day workshop is designed to provide qualified Bowen, remedial massage and all other touch therapists with the skills to adapt their body work treatment to adjust for complex health conditions including a history of cancer and other life limiting illness. This is achieved through a mix of theory and hands on practical sessions over the 2 days and a home work activity on the first day.

South Australia

Course Date: November 23-24th

Location: Largs Bay Health and Yoga, SA, 5016

Cost: $550 (early bird special $495)

Who is this course for? : Qualified Bowen, remedial massage and all other touch therapists.


Course Date: October 27-28th 

Location: St Joseph's by the Sea at Williamstown, VIC, 3016

Cost: $550 (early bird special $495)

Who is this course for? : Qualified Bowen, remedial massage and all other touch therapists.

Are you a Bowen, remedial massage or other touch therapist who has a client with a complex health history? Do you ever feel out of your depth as a therapist, unsure of when to refer on to another health professional? Would you like more confidence when treating these clients or those with a history of cancer treatment? This 2 day workshop may be for you!

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare an estimated 145,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed this year and there are an estimated 1 million people alive today in Australia who have had a cancer diagnosis in their life time. Would you benefit from a deeper understanding of the lasting changes to fascia and the nervous and lymphatic systems which come with many common cancer treatments? Are you aware of the cohort of people at lifelong risk of lymphoedema including people who have had cancer treatment and how they may be impacted by any deep body work?

The rationale for this course is that it is not only an advantage but a necessity that all Bowen and massage therapists understand how to adapt their treatment for anyone with a complex health history. Equally important is the recognition of symptoms which require specialised attention and immediate referral. The key is understanding how to adapt what YOU are already doing so you are able to work safely and more effectively with an increasingly complex and ageing client base. Whether seeing a new client for the first time or seeing an existing client who has received a challenging diagnosis, these skills will enhance any practice and give you confidence.

Beyond cancer treatments, there are a myriad of chronic diseases which your client might present with including neurological disorders, cardiovascular conditions, autoimmune conditions and more. Each comes with their own medication, potential side effects and considerations for our remedial therapy treatment.

Become empowered as you understand how to quickly gather relevant information including common treatments and side effects for a variety of conditions and adapt your treatment to suit. Learn to use a variety of positioning adjustments to ensure the safety and comfort of your client. Understand how to take the best possible client intake to gather good quality information on your client’s story so far. Adapt your treatment to adjust for any risk factors with confidence so that you can work safely with any client at any stage of health.

The other important stuff!

The cost for this investment in your skill set is $550 and an Early Bird price of $495 applies if booked and paid one full calendar month before the course commencement. A $100 deposit secures your registration and all payments made will be fully refunded if the course is cancelled for any reason by the organiser. 

The Heart of Bowen and Touch Therapies workshop is accredited by the Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia (BTFA) and The Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) for 16 CPE points. These workshops will be scheduled regularly at Largs Bay and interstate as interest dictates