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Course Syllabus
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Oct 2010

Institute Of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Australia

Phone 1300 692 514
Address 13 Acacia Drive (P.O. Box 896)
13 Acacia Drv
Millicent SA 5280
The Foundation Certificate is a nationally endorsed course of 600 hrs which permits you to obtain Insurance for Clinical practice. It is the first year of the University degree course taught by ICHP in Europe. It is a "Blended course" being a hybrid of Supported Distance Education and 5 day intensive practicals.

Foundation Course Syllabus

ICHP is regarded as one of the leading training schools in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy-Psychotherapy in the world and its lecturers are skilled trainers and practicing clinical therapists with many years of practical experience.

You can be sure that if you study with us you will learn:

  • History of Trance Therapies
  • Conscious / Subconscious minds
  • Laws of Suggestion
  • Self-hypnosis Conditioning
  • Basic person-centred counseling approach
  • Relaxation procedures
  • Student practice
  • Deepening Techniques
  • Representational Systems
  • Indirect Suggestion
  • Regression Therapy
  • Clinical Interview - a powerful enhanced Cognitive-behavioral therapy approach
  • Suggestion Formulation
  • Weight Loss Therapy
  • Guided Visualisations
  • Smoking Cessation Therapy
  • Matching & Mirroring
  • Abreactions
  • Ideo-Motor Signalling
  • Catalepsy & Arm Levitation
  • Phobias, Anxiety
  • Hemispheric Brain Dominance Profile
  • Stress Level Profile
  • Miscellaneous Clinical Situations
  • Metaphors and Ericksonian approaches
  • Clinical Scripts
  • Psychotherapeutic techniques: evidence-based Cognitive-behavioural therapy, solution-focused therapy, basic NLP, psycho-analytic Free Association and etc
  • Ethical and Legal Issues


The written assignments comprise brief answers to a number of questions which are designed to establish your competency in the theory included in the Course Manuals. They are fully covered in your manuals and the answers can be completed at home in your own time. A 75% (or higher) grade is required for a pass. It is possible to re-sit with a different Exam paper.

During the Supervised practical sessions you will be assessed to ensure competency and establish quality in application of the hypnotic techniques taught. This assessment will not be a formal examination but rather an on-going assessment. There is a requirement for an attendance of a minimum of 40 hours of practical Clinical Hypnotherapy classes (one 5 day intensive) if you plan to go on to the later Diploma even if you have prior qualifications such as Counselling. Attendance at additional practical classes is entirely at the studentís discretion but is highly recommended and does not incur additional fees.