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Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy
Member since
Jul 2006

Hypnotherapy Training Australia

Contact Name Kaz Field Anderson
Phone 02 8999 5067
Address Shop 17 Ebbtide Mall The Entrance Rd
The Entrance 2261 NSW 2261
Servicing Areas Courses held at Hypnotherapy Training Australia The Entrance

At Hypnotherapy Training Australia, with the most thorough training in Australia, our students have the confidence in themselves, their knowledge, their abilities and their skillset to be a great Hypnotherapist.

Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Are you ready to take the first step to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

Upcoming Certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy course date:

10th APRIL 2019

Payment Plan Available

About Hypnotherapy Training Australia

HTA is accredited with the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapy (A.S.C.H), the Australian Hypnotherapy Association (A.H.A) & is a founding member of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (H.C.A). The certificate of Clinical Hypnotherapy program is made up of the following components:

  • 5 day intensive
  • 5 hours of study group participation
  • Required readings
  • Theoretical & Practical Assessment

The Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy is a prerequisite of entrance into the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Invitations to proceed onto the Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy program will be extended to successful students by the Director of Training upon completion of Intensive Certificate. Students that have sufficiently demonstrated the professional and personal competencies in the intensive Certificate program, and have satisfactorily met the progression requirements of the HTA will be invited to continue.


Start 2019 with a brand new rewarding career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with Hypnotherapy Training Australia ~ The Marilyn Newman Method!

We have a main focus on the therapy compponent of Hypnotherapy, as Hypnosis can bring issues to the surface, so you best know how to resolve them. Included in our Diploma is Year 1 in Psychotherapy (Gestalt). This gives you the therapy skills to deal with what is uncovered and with Abreactions should they occur.

No prior experience necessary, we provide all of the training in our Nationally Accredited Diploma Course commencing APRIL 10th, with our 1st Unit, Intensive Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy - a 5 day Intensive, where you will learn all of the basics in Modern Hypnosis including Induction Techniques, Different styles of Hypnosis – Direct or Ericksonian, the History of Hypnosis, Scripting, lots of practise and lots more. All other Units are conducted on weekends only for the convenience of working students. Our Diploma course is very thorough, as we feel it is of utmost importance that our Graduates feel competent, confident and capable Therapists upon completion. Other Units include: Gestalt Therapy,  Psychology, NLP, Family Constellations, Medical Hypnosis, EFT & Advanced Hypnosis.

We so often see people who get thrown into a career that provides very little personal satisfaction. It is a real struggle to get up for work every single day. Do what you love, and you will never work another day again. Clinical Hypnotherapists are passionate and understand how important the work that they do is. We find often that an important marker for being a therapist, is that people are naturally drawn to you, they feel safe and will tell their life stories to you…a perfect stranger. Whether you are sitting at a bus stop, or in a shopping centre, they will be drawn to you. We often hear ‘ I have never told a single soul about that!’ The personal reward our therapists receive in helping others is immeasurable, knowing they are helping others find their true path, lose weight, stop smoking, achieve their goals, beat anxiety and depression, amongst a myriad of other issues.

Our classes are held on the beautiful Central Coast, Hypnotherapy Training Australia,Ebbtide Mall The Entrance. Our venue is intimate, with a limit of 8 students per class, allowing us to create a sacred space for learning and individual attention.

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The Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy Start 2018 with a brand new rewarding career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with Hypnotherapy Training Australia ~ The Marilyn Newman Method!