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Australian Institute of Self Development
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"After a long period of unemployment, Russell has helped me clear the way for the role I desired using a range of my skills and also in the location I love to work at; close to water & close to home.

I am on a contract and I did not even have to negotiate a fabulous daily rate. After I cleared my childhood issues, I received a call regarding my ideal role the following day. That’s how quick it all works! I would have never believed it and am now working on meeting my ideal life partner. Hooray!

Thanks Russell!"
Gabby. P - Systems Analysis

“Russell Cunningham has a unique style of teaching and sharing his knowledge and skills in a safe, gentle, dynamic and at times humorous environment. Thanks to Deb, the person working tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring our comfort.
Russells workshops are amazing. He is a very gentle and competent trainer and person.”
Maureen Bevilacqua - Clinical Social Worker

"This has been the most wonderful refresher, grounding me in all the vital core strategies of EFT in a way that makes a profound improvement to my EFT practice and effectiveness. Thank you!!!
Loved going deeper with clients, and the live sessions with attending students was fantastic. Seeing Russell clear deep core issues with ease and the results were amazing.”
Karen Corbett EFT Practitioner

“As a senior age student l appreciate Russell’s presentation and willingness to ensure all students grasp each session. Thank you Russell for your patience and clear presentation.”
Glen Chapman

"Russell’s workshops are amazing. He is a very gentle and competent trainer and person.”
Melissa Haymes

“An amazing four days of magic and wonder. I attended with my partner and we were so grateful and pleased to learn from a great EFT master. As a couple it has strengthened even more our relationship, for which we give much thanks and appreciation.”
Ken Bain

“I came to see Russell about abusive relationship issues. Imagine my surprise when the shoulder pain that had kept me out of work for 2 years was gone within 30 minutes. I cancelled the surgery I had booked and haven’t looked back”.

Sally Richards, Melbourne

“After years of conventional counselling to help cope with the trauma of sexual abuse as a child, I went in search of something that would bring peace into my life. EFT has done that for me. The emotional blockages associated with sexual abuse have gone! I have discovered a sense of self and now have peace and joy in my life”.

Katherine Parkinson - Business Owner, Melbourne

"Since our session 3 days ago I've stopped taking morphine and been completely pain free.... I've had the best nights sleep in as long as I can remember"

George Watts - Cancer Patient, Melbourne


Australian Institute of Self Development