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Jul 2005

Forensic Healing - Spiritual Development for Women

Phone 1300 401 693
Address 1100 High St
Armadale VIC 3143

Online Course $149

Get the Universe Working For You

Learn how to get the advantage in life, maximise the Universal laws and exit the “Matrix” to create opportunities of abundance, empowerment, and freedom.

This unique online course reveals hidden, ancient wisdom to free your soul of struggle, pain, suffering, and embedded life blocks.

These essential life skills reveal techniques to access your innate healing powers, discernment, intuitive abilities, and personal guidance system.

The course is designed for women who are:

    • At any stage in their life, career, or wanting to find their purpose
    • Searching for life’s answers or feeling stuck
    • Open to innovative ideas and concepts
    • Wanting to heal from emotional, physical and spiritual pain
    • Wanting to live their best life and break through the glass ceiling barriers
    • Leaders in their industry or wanting to become a leader
    • Care about humanity and the planet

Even if you are a newbie to understanding how your life is influenced or well-versed in universal concepts or self-development, every woman is welcome. You will be guaranteed a life-changing experience.

You will leave feeling empowered, awakened, released, free and more spiritually aligned.  Time to stop living groundhog day and get off the rat-wheel.


    1. Analyse the messages life is giving you
    1. Use your body and science to read the Universal messages
    1. Remove negative cords, curses, and imprints from past stresses/traumas
    1. Tap into spiritual guidance to awaken your soul’s purpose
    1. Restore your vitality by removing connections that siphon your energy
    1. Reverse the negative patterns and beliefs that control your life
    1. Convert problems into your power to rebuild a new foundation

Forensic Healing Get the Universe Working For You Online Course

Get the Universe Working for You 2-Day Workshop

This unique, women’s only, two-day workshop reveals hidden, ancient wisdom to free your soul of struggle, pain, suffering, and embedded life blocks when every other method failed.

You will receive a proven formula based on cutting-edge information (going beyond “The Secret” and Abraham-Hicks teachings.) Advance your life, health, relationships, finances, and career by avoiding the top five mistakes people make when applying laws of attraction.

These transformational tools are designed to catapult your life and attract positions of leadership and opportunity. You’ll experience live demonstrations that prove how your energy field contains information that creates and shapes your life.


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