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Natural Therapy Courses

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Advertise Your Course With the Natural Therapy Pages!

Advertise Your Course

Connect with New Students

Natural Therapy Pages makes it easy for you to advertise your course and connect with thousands of students right across Australia.

Whether you run a local one day workshop or a 5 year bachelor degree, our bespoke campaign design can help you target the students you need to get the results you want.

You have complete control over the campaign, whether it be updating your listing to promote your lastest course offering, to changing which students in which states you want your course to be shown to.

And with the Natural Therapy Pages being the most visited site in the Health & Medical - Alternative category for 10 consecutive years you know you will be targetting the right audience. 

"Working with the Natural Therapy Pages has been incredibly valuable for the growth of the Tad James Company. NTP puts our leading courses and trainings in front of a very large audience of people who are looking to up-skill themselves and actualise their true potential – both in a professional and personal capacity." - Tad James Co

 Contact us today and discover how you can attract more students!

Which Courses Would Benefit Most From Being Advertised:

    • Courses which are based in Australia
    • Courses which enable the student to become a practitioner themselves
    • Where the cost of your course is over $500
    • Courses which can be listed under at least one of these modalities

Features include:

    • 100% performance based i.e. 'Pay Per Lead'
    • No set-up, annual or cancellation fees
    • No tie-in period (rolling month to month contract)
    • Have as wide a catchment area as you need i.e. city wide, state wide, nation wide, etc
    • List yourself under as many relevant categories as you require
    • Only pay for what we deliver
    • We cap your leads to stop any potential overspend
    • All parameters of the campaign can be changed by you at any time

For the complete list of terms and conditions click here.

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