Natural Therapy Courses

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Natural Therapy Courses
Before talking qualifications, its important to think about the course of study you might like to undertake.

What Course should I study?

If youve been thinking about studying a natural therapy, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the number of courses and qualifications available to you. And with complementary medicine gaining popularity in Australia, many more courses are likely to launch in coming years. This article aims to reduce the overwhelm and explain the various qualifications available to you.

If you enjoy helping people reach their health and wellness goals, many natural therapies may be suitable. From life coaching and counselling to nutrition, naturopathy, massage, aromatherapy and kinesiology, there is sure to be a course to pique your interest.

Online or On Campus?

The next question is whether you want to study on campus or online. Many schools now provide external, correspondence and online courses, to help you fit study around your other commitments.

Other courses are only available on campus, due to the colleges preferences or the practical requirements of the course. Before deciding on a course or school, decide how you want to study and how much time you can dedicate to your studies each week.

Qualification Types

The Australia Qualifications Framework sets out the various qualification levels for a range of courses. Its administered by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. In Australia, the qualification levels are:
  • Certificate I: takes 6 12 months
  • Certificate II: takes 6 12 months
  • Certificate III: takes 1 2 years
  • Certificate IV: takes 6 months 2 years
  • Diploma: takes 1 to 2 years
  • Advanced Diploma/Associate Degree: takes 1.5 2 years
  • Bachelor Degree: takes 3 4 years
  • Bachelor Honours Degree: takes 1 year
  • Graduate and Vocational Graduate Certificate: takes 6 months 1 year
  • Graduate and Vocational Graduate Diploma: takes 1 2 years
  • Masters Degree: takes 1 4 years
  • Doctoral Degree: takes 3 4 years

Of course, not all courses are available at all qualification levels. Each therapy has minimum requirements for practising as a professional in that field. For instance, a certificate or diploma in aromatherapy will equip you with the necessary skills to practice. A doctorate, however, wouldnt be necessary.

After choosing a college, you should speak with them about the various levels they offer and which level will allow you to practice as a professional.

Starting Out

Bear in mind that you can sample a qualification by undertaking a short course. These are often a great introduction into a field of study and are relatively inexpensive to undertake. For instance, you might try a short massage course and realise kinesiology is more your style. You could then apply to colleges for a nationally accredited Certificate IV or Diploma course.

Whichever course or qualification you choose, youre bound to enjoy studying the wonderful world of natural therapies.

If you're passionate about gaining a qualification in a natural therapies but don't know where to begin, simply send us an email with what you are looking to study. We will help find the right course provider that best suit your needs!

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