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Sep 2007

O'Neill Kinesiology College

Phone 08 6500 0666
Address 75B North Lake Rd

What Our Clients Have Said

Life changing
This course has been life-changing, satisfying and empowering. It has been a challenging journey and very rewarding.

Enjoyable & fun
The course has been an amazing experience from Day 1. The delivery of information is well structured yet enjoyable and fun. A fantastic learning and growth environment.

Nicolie O’Neill Kinesiology offers a superior range of topics covered comprehensively. They keep abreast of the latest up to date developments in their field which is then included into the course material.

I have not experienced this all round level of support in any other course I have completed. With tutors available at all practice sessions you quickly gain confidence in your own skills and ability

Hands On – Practical
They are very practically orientated courses. The practical and theoretical integration of material is seamlessly done

The college and staff have an awesome vision, strength and determination which is an inspiration to us all to achieve and make our kinesiology ambitions a reality.

Career Possibilities
I have a passion for working with children and am looking forward to using my kinesiology skills to enhance learning abilities in children who have learning and behaviour disorders.

The course is affordable, flexible and accessible. Being from the country they have given due consideration to all our travel and study needs

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O'Neill College
Nicolie O'Neill College of Kinesiology
O'Neill College
Nicolie O'Neill College of Kinesiology