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Reiki at Liesl's Cottage

Liesl Meuris

49 Riley St
Oakleigh South VIC 3167

Servicing area: Oakleigh South


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Reiki at Liesl's Cottage
Liesl has worked with' Usui Reiki Ryoho' privately and professionally since 1991.

This modality needs to be experienced to appreciate it's power.

Gift yourself and/or some one else health.

'Liesl's ReiKi' at her Cottage

About Reiki

REIKI is the Japanese word describing healing energies.

Rei = Highest Spiritual Consciousness

Mrs. Takata, the teacher who brought Reiki to the west via Hawai said that Rei probably means Universal, showing that Reiki is in all places at once. However, she also accepted that there are other meanings of the kanji ideograms.
Many Reiki Masters now believe that a more correct description is the Highest Spiritual Consciousness, the Universal Energy outside and inside all living things.

Many traditional Japanese teachers call the Reiki system, ‘Ryoho’ which means ‘healing method’ or ‘Reiki Ryoho’ which means ‘Spiritual Energy Healing Method’.

The energy has an innate intelligence and its purest form has the potential to know exactly what type of healing energy is needed and why. Reiki Masters allow this intelligent life-giving energy to channel through them and align others with it in order to advance their healing capacity.

Ki = Life Force Energy

Ki means the non-physical energy animating all living things. In China this is called Chi; in India Prana; in Hawai Ti or Ki. Most cultures have a name for it. Scientist however cannot call it ‘energy’ as the word energy in science has a very specific meaning that cannot include ‘energy’ used in Reiki. Therefore scientists have called the healing forces words such as Monads, Orgon, Orgone, Bioenergy, Od and Odyle.

Ki as a life-force energy is the energy that both surrounds and is within all living things. The healthier a living organism is the more life-force energy it has. Conversely the sicker a living organism is the less life-force energy it has. When the life-force energy is gone the living organism has died.

In humans the life-force energy promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony. As this energy can be guided with the ‘Healing Intention of Reiki’ it can return imbalance to balance which harmonises the healthy state.


A Reiki treatment is about one-hour long depending on need and is useful for specific healing or general relaxation. This is the perfect way to spoil yourself!

The treatments are individually tailored to the client’s needs and condition. The practitioner rests hands for a few minutes on specific areas of the body (head, torso, legs and back) allowing the energy to pass through into the client. ‘Reiki’ is the energy that exists in people, places and things. What is important to remember is that the client draws the energy into their own body and on an unconscious level directs the energy to where it is needed.

Therefore the client is always in control throughout this non-invasive treatment and the Reiki practitioner is simply a conduit for the energy to move through.

During a treatment the client remains fully clothed at all times and may experience different bodily sensations. Some feel the ‘electricity’ passing through various limbs or tingling or warm sensations, some smell scents, see visions, some feel as if they have reverted to the safety of the womb and some just fall asleep. Whatever you might feel these are merely side effects of the healing process and it is best to enter a treatment with no expectations.

Qualification Details

  • B. Ed.
    Grad Dip. Health
    Diploma Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology
  • cert. Reiki teacher/master
  • cert. Karuna teacher/master
  • cert. Spiritual healer
  • registered practitioner and teacher member of ARC Australian Reiki Connection
    registered practitioner and teacher of Shibumi International Reiki Association
    Commonwealth appointed Marriage Celebrant

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    Reiki Practitioner from Liesl's ReiKi Cottage, Victoria