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Take your learning to the next level & Master your skills at this Intensive 16 Day Training
Jul 21 - August 5, 2018

16 Day NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training

Get certified in 4 modalities! NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching

In this intensive training, take what you learned at the Practitioner Training to a whole new level!

This training focusses on deep conversational change, the connection between the mind and body, what drives behaviour consciously and unconsciously and a fail safe framework for creating extraordinary change with coaching clients.

What you will learn

Overview of the framework of NLP

Conversational Change with Quantum Linguistics:

  • Learn the structure of language and how it relates to problems & problem solutions.
  • Release limiting beliefs in conversation easily
  • Answering any objection with Sleight of Mouth
  • Learn specific questions to direct thinking to resources and positivity with Meta Model III
  • Learn how to get to deep seeded issues with Prime Concerns
  • Learn the framework for negotiation

    Quantum Physics & NLP

  • An introduction to physics and how it relates to NLP processes
  • Creating deep change in individuals by understanding quantum physics
  • The holographic nature of the universe and why this is paramount to one’s success


  • Learn what motivates your behaviour unconsciously
  • Learn the hierarchal structure of values and how to change it at will to create motivation
  • Values in business and relationships
  • Discover Meta Programs: the deep patterns in people that direct their behaviour and decisions.
  • Meta Programs in relation to business and relationships

    Advanced NLP Patterns

  • Designer swish patterns based on your clients specific needs
  • Advanced strategies
  • Learn convert strategy scrambling and installation with Logical Levels of therapy
  • Learn how to model excellence in others and install in yourself and clients

    Presentation Skills

  • Learn the pattern for Charisma in presenting
  • Learn the presentation structure that is sure to capture everyone in the audience
  • The importance of storytelling in your presentations and how to structure them for your needs

    The Mind Body Connection:

  • Learn the ways the mind effects the body
  • Gain insight into releasing symptoms of certain aliments
  • Learn the Pain Paradigm: a process for reducing chronic pain

    Clare Graves Values and Personal Evolution:

  • Learn the framework or understanding the stages and patterns in human existence
  • Bring order and understanding to inexplicable events and situations
  • Address individual motivation, desires and goals and why they are so varied
  • Learn to identify the stages of change and experience in yourself and others
  • Apply this understanding to your own experience and your approach to coaching
  • Work with the Coaching Values Inventory: a coaching questionnaire designed to identify different stages of change, and how to coach from each stage

    Coaching with The Personal Breakthrough process

  • Learn the pre-session questions to screen potential clients
  • Learn the specific questions needed to get to the real root of the issue
  • Learn the most effective structure for creating change in clients
  • Discover how to use values and values hierarchy in coaching
  • Putting all the processes together in an 8 hr session to create the most powerful experience
  • Experience the Personal Breakthrough process as a client and coach during the training

    This training also includes certification in
    Time Line Therapy®
    NLP Coaching

    Your investment:

    Training Price: $6995
    Deposit: $1400



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