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Time Line Therapy® is the most powerful technique on the planet! It's used to gain total emotional freedom,
create powerful beliefs and create a desirable future.

Inner Results - Time Line Therapy

Are you stuck in the past? Are you tired of living the same days over and over again? Do you want to help others break through and live their deepest purpose?

Inappropriate negative responses or prolonged periods of negative emotions are what prevents people from achieving success in their lives.

Time Line Therapy® allows you to release the negative emotions and beliefs you may have such as: Im not good enough or I cant have what I want so you are free to live in the now and get what you want in the future.

This is extremely important in any area of life. Because emotions are the driving force behind our behaviour, when we get a handle on them, our results become much more consistent.

Without ever dealing with your emotions, you are left with a crap shoot of experience, without any real understanding as to why your actions dont result in your desired effect.

What you will learn at a Time Line Therapy® Training:

  • How to truly live in the present moment, free to experience any emotion you want
  • How to get to the root cause of an emotion or decision made in the past
  • How to release negative emotions such as anger, sadness or fear
  • How to release limiting decisions and beliefs that arent serving you
  • The keys to creating achievable goals
  • How to set goals for the future using your time line to ensure their outcome
  • The Prime Directives of the unconscious mind & how they relate to experience
  • How people store time, including learning to work with your own time line
  • The relationship between the concept of time and results in life
  • Understanding how memories and emotions are stored in the memory and time line

Time Line Therapy® is taught with NLP & Hypnosis at our Level 1 Transformational Coaching Course: NLP Practitioner Certification Training and Level 2 Transformational Coaching Course: NLP Master Practitioner Training because it has been found that immersion is the best way to learn this material. Because all the modalities we teach lend and borrow with each other, in order to get the best overall understanding of each, it best when they are learned together.

Learning Time Line Therapy® Techniques is essential for your practice as a coach as well as for your personal development. We teach this modality at our Transformational Coaching Courses. At each level you will gain the skills to work with the unconscious mind and the time line to create immense changes in yourself and with your clients.

There is only 1 Time Line Therapy®! Learn the original modality created by Dr Tad James with us Live in Perth, WA.

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