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Soul Embodiment Psychosomatics

Soul Embodiment Psychosomatics

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Soul Embodiment Cert III Psychosomatic Therapy

Course Outline - Cert III Psychosomatic Therapy

Certificate III Psychosomatic Therapy (Nationally Accredited 10821) is the only recognised registered training of its kind, delivered through a variety of learning tools.

  • Optional self-paced reading.
  • On-line face-face and in-person training a total of 120hrs theoretical & practical knowledge.
  • Face-to-face supervised training covering practical skills.
  • Distance learning including theoretical and practical skills (flexible online classes).
  • Distance learning unsupervised practical training (self-paced).
  • Student support and mentoring.

The Psychosomatic Process undertaken in the accredited training aims to give you a *personal experience* of your attitudes and behaviours, and how they manifest in your body.

Learning the language of the Soul & Body Mind integrates the science of epigenetics and biochemistry. 10-12 days of life changing content and experiences – see the below outline

Face Reading Progress Photos are taken throughout as a physical record of your progress. On-going support is provided through forum meetings, student practice days, and ongoing professional development.

6 Units are Covered

1. Psychosomatic Process & Overview - On-line 9hrs

  • Learn about the evolution of Body Mind Medicine so as to gain an understanding of your own body-mind.
  • The role of Psychosomatic Therapy
  • Learn the Psychosomatic Principals – the three keys to success
  • Gain awareness and understanding of “Why I am in the Shape I am in?

2. The Art of Face Reading - On-line 9hrs

  • Learn what the face shape, left and right sides, 3 zones of the face, profile and individual features (eyes, nose, lips, chin ears, hair etc) reveal about your thinking, emotional and feeling preferences and qualities; how you project yourself into the world and; other personality characteristics.
  • Learn how to read with integrity, understanding and kindness.

3. BodyMind Analysis/Feet of the Soul - Face-Face 2 days

  • Learn what a person’s balance, posture, structural alignment and tissue condition of the body reveal.
  • Understand the significance of past traumas, tension, and negative emotions at a cellular level.
  • Learn how to balance male-female energy and left/right brain responses.
  • Learn how to be more present for yourself and others.

4. Language of the Hands Reading On-Line 9hrs

  • Learn what your hand shape, digits, and finger prints say about your personality and potential.
  • Discover the deeper meaning of touch, and how to listen and feel inside whatever you touch outside.

Level 2 5 Days Face-Face

5. Emotional Anatomy Bodywork 

  • Study the four basic archetypes, their structure, shape and psychosomatic performance
  • Learn the body acupressure points for trauma/emotional release and how to perform release body work.
  • Learn how thought and emotional conditioning effects body structure and performance

6. Psychosomatic Diseases & Practitioner Certification

  • Discover the emotional cause of dis-ease.
  • Go deeper into overall patterns in behaviours of the Body Mind, and gain an understanding of how the way we hold our bodies, breathe, walk and stand influences our thoughts, actions, experiences and relationships in life. Master how to conduct a client session
  • Learn how to: create a comfortable and safe environment; manage challenging reactions; maintain professional integrity; provide an in depth whole body analysis.
  • Receive templates for a professional written report.

Plus 2 compulsory days to complete your Certification requirements if going on to complete the full Certification.

Techniques and skills are taught to clear past redundant and restrictive patterns held in the tissues and physical body.

Study Load - The professional qualification 10484NAT Certificate III is awarded to students who complete each accredited unit competently within 6-12 months including certification home study.

  • Understanding and sharing basic knowledge of Psychosomatic Therapy philosophy, principles, assessment, diagnostic and treatment techniques.
  • Promoting health and well-being of individuals.
  • Analysing potential personality characteristics in the face, Bodymind, hands, emotional anatomy and feet.
  • Providing understanding of a wide range of psychosomatic dis-eases.
  • Applying bodywork treatment using Psychosomatic Therapy techniques.
  • Developing a structured approach to ongoing professional development as a Psychosomatic Therapist.
  • Associating physical (anatomical) body traits and identifying and releasing cellular memory via various techniques, including trigger point release.

Once completed, either level may be repeated for a nominal fee. As this work is experiential, the more opportunity you have to experience, the greater the integration of the skills.