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Vitality Yoga (est 1993)

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Vitality Yoga (est 1993)
The journey of becoming a meditation teacher is a deeply transformative experience for our teacher trainers. At Vitality we bring about successful outcomes for people of all personalities and body types.

Vitality Yoga (est 1993) - Meditation Training

Our success is due to the academy’s vast knowledge, which is drawn from both ancient and contemporary techniques.

As no prior experience is necessary, the tools you are empowered with allow you to develop while you study, and take the opportunity to explore that which you have learnt as you expand in your personal practice.

This course can be taken as a means to further your own personal growth and spiritual connection, or for the purpose of teaching. Our teachers emerge with the full knowledge and confidence to fulfil their wish to pass on the peaceful journey of meditation to others.

Whether you teach those who are seeking stress relief and relaxation, guiding those who are on the path of healing or teaching those who are seeking deeper connection within, the knowledge and understanding you have acquired flows through to your students, becoming part of their transformation and deepening yours. On completion of the course you will become accredited and gain a meditation teachers certificate from VITALITY YOGA TEACHER TRAINING ACADAMY. This will also enable you to be eligible for a wide range of popular yoga insurance policies (i.e. yoga insurance providers who understand the particular needs of yoga and meditation teachers in Australia).

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Meditation Training