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Past Life Regression
Member since
Sep 2004

The Crown Chakra

Phone 02 9319 0066
Mobile 0408 141 941
Address 553 Crown St
Surry Hills NSW 2010

During these past incarnations you may have taken vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, silence, secrecy or other vows that prevent you from personally benefiting from healing and achieving what you really want in this life.

The Crown Chakra - Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression provides you with the ability to go back in time in order to retrieve memories of your soul’s unique journey from other lifetimes on earth. It helps in resolving and removing any events or issues that have took place throughout your past soul incarnations and contracts. The effects of these past contracts can be manifested as disease, phobias, relationship issues, weight problems, financial blockages, addictive behaviours and any recurring fears or patterns which are directly connected to your soul’s past experiences.

In a Past Life Regression session you are regressed to key events of your previous lives. A gentle but deep trance like state comes over you as you allow access to your higher being and mind. The lifetimes which you revisit are decided by your Higher self, and the past lives will be the ones that require the most healing.

The regression is only the first part of the sessions. Madeleine will then guide you towards energetic healing, allowing you to speak further about your experiences, and provides you with any message she has received about your past incarnations. She will then share with you just how the message relate to your current situation, allowing the opportunity form them to be healed and understood by you.

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