Vimla Rao - Bowen Therapy

Servicing area: South Penrith, Sydney, NSW

Vimla Rao - Bowen Therapy

Vimla Rao is a Fiji-born Indian who has made Australia her home since 1985. She brings along with her a wealth of love which is for all without exception. Her Humble and caring nature is an asset to her career as a Bowen therapy practitioner/instructor.

Vimla Rao - Bowen Therapy Training

Complimentary stay available for students
travelling from a distance


Vimla's childhood compassion was to become a medical practitioner, but due to family mishaps her career took a turn and she found herself working at various universities as a Physics technical officer. Her thirst to work as a care giver took her to nursing homes and homes of the elderly and disabled as a personal care provider on casual basis.

Finally her journey in Bowen therapy began in 2005. She has absolutely enjoyed each and every class she attended both as a student and a trainee instructor. The amazing powers of Bowen therapy and the difference that she has made in peoples life in Australia and abroad leaves her with no regrets of not being able to graduate as a medical professional.

As an instructor her aim is to spread this amazing GOD given therapy to as many as possible and to produce very competent practitioners wherever her journey takes her to. Her multi lingual ability is an asset to teaching in India and Fiji.

Vimla runs a Purely Bowen clinic/institute at 46 York Rd, South Penrith. She travels frequently to both Fiji and India to teach and as well as to provide her services as a practitioner.

Her message to all is "Honour the gift that Mr Bowen has left behind for us for it was given to him by GOD on all levels of life (mind, body, Soul and emotion). It is for all without exception. Live a happy and pain free life and help others attain the same.”".

Qualification Details

Diploma of Bowen therapy
Certified Bowen Instructor/ Practioner