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Re-program your health & wellness with NLP

World-renowned Neuro-Linguistic Programming leader Dr Heidi Heron has carefully designed this exclusive online program for people with self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours that are leading to poor quality health & wellness.

This program will not cure or treat your health problems, it will instead equip you with the psychological tools you need to effectively free yourself from unhealthy behaviours.

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Why do we exist?

Misinformation and lack of accessible information are some of the key challenges when it comes to figuring out how to manage complex health conditions or how to achieve peak health & wellness.

Vively Institute is an online learning platform designed to surface the most trusted information about the latest research-backed therapies, so that people finally have a clear point of view about their health.

We work with the world's leading health practitioners, who often charge $1,000s for their services, to distill and compartmentalise their knowledge into immersive and accessible online courses that don't break the bank.

Our courses offer a personalised and holistic approach to health, by providing high-quality training that educates people across the areas of mind, body, emotion and spirit.

Employing techniques and teachings proven through clinical research studies, this exclusive program is presented by Dr Heidi Heron through a series of dazzling video-based lectures and beautiful presentations, and can be completed in less than 5 hours if you so desire

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