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Attract, manage and reward your customers effectively with Vively Book - our new fully integrated booking and payment system.

Our mission is to empower Australians to live healthier, naturally and we are excited to launch our new sub-brand Vively, incorporating a growing suite of new technology solutions for health and wellness businesses.

Designed with the modern consumer in mind, Vively Book is an automated, instant booking and payment system that works seamlessly with your Natural Therapy Pages profile and includes a whole range of additional features to help you manage and scale your business.

Elevate your business to the next level

Businesses are quickly embracing technology to stay competitive in the fast-growing health and wellness market.

With Vively Book your customers can make bookings and payments instantly for single sessions or multi-visit bundled offers or class passes.

You can be up and running in no time with no initial cost outlay or set up fees.

Vively Book works for different businesses

Whether you are a solo practitioner, a multidisciplinary clinic, or a studio running group classes, Vively Book is ideal for you.

Track your bookings in real-time with daily and monthly booking and payments summary
Flexible booking’s diary: Manages staff, bookings, schedule group classes and more
Run special discounts and get featured in our exclusive NTP listing

How Vively Book will benefit you

Get bookings 24/7

Get instant bookings even when you are not at work. Your daily bookings summary helps you get organised for the day.

Promote special offers

Promote exclusive deals and offers to attract new customers and boost bookings during off-peak periods.

Flexible payment options

Set up flexible payment options or collect full or partial pre-payments online to reduce no-shows

Optimise your productivity

Widen your market reach with new tools that allow you to manage staff, edit bookings, modify availability, and run group sessions.


Enjoy greater online visibility and exposure as a Vively Book member.


Get concierge-assisted installation services for a fast and pain-free onboarding.


While there is no monthly subscription fee for Vively Book, there is a service fee of $6 / booking. If you choose to accept online payments, then an additional 10% payment commission applies.

Current Natural Therapy Pages members

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