Australian Capital Territory Satyananda Yoga

Member since 2005
Marie Ray Yoga Canberra
Campbell, ACT, 2612
Yoga nidra Stress management Relaxation Pranayama Wellbeing more...

When you come to a yoga class you will experience a feeling of physical wellbeing, calm... Find out more

Member since 2010
Santosha Janssen-Gibson
Cook, ACT, 2614
Telehealth Vision Flexibility Relaxation Emotions more...

Yoga Classes in Cook. Yoga gives you a toolkit of practices that help bring balance and relaxation to your body and mind, harmony to your relationships and creativity and satisfaction to your daily life.Enrolling... Find out more

Member since 2005
Vedanta Nicholson
O'Connor, ACT, 2602
Posture Lifestyle Postnatal support Movement Pain relief more...
Member since 2014
Barbara Whiddon
Canberra, ACT, 2600
Functional movement Lower back pain Body sculpting Back pain Stress management more...

Yoga, meditation, relaxation. LYFEvolution Yoga is a traditional and wholistic... Find out more

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