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SuzyQ Counsellor and Coach

Suzanne Baty

Waitara NSW 2077

SuzyQ Counsellor and Coach

Emotional, Physical and Mental Wellness How Well Are You?

SuzyQ Counsellor and Coach

What is stress?

'Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances"

Take my Stress Scale, to see how you are on my stress scale and together we can reduce your stress.

How well are you?

  • Physical wellness

  • Diet or eating habits (Are you eating enough fruit and vegetables)

  • Exercise (Are you moving each day such as walking, gym)

  • Sleep (are you getting enough sleep each night?)

  • Financial (Are spending within your means?)

  • Socially ( Do you have a good bank of friends to help you through the tough times?)

I can help you look at what is causing you stress and together we can do a plan to put you on the right way to become the person you are always meant to be.

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