Hypnotherapy Courses

Hypnotherapy Courses (Australia)

Tad James Co - NLP Coaching & Training

Learn the latest hypnosis techniques, receive your Hypnosis Certification and begin practicing professionally in Australia by attending the accelerated...

Inspirited Solutions - Self Directed Healing Practitioner Training

Self Directed Healing (SDH) Practitioner Training $3690 (early bird specials available) Online and in-person training available now The Future of Healing...

Success Dynamics Institute

Now You Can Become A Certified EPIC NLP Practitioner From The Comfort Of Your Own Home, With World-Leading Expert Instruction Delivered 100% Online.

Soul Anchorage

You can REALLY leave your past BEHIND when you take this training with us. Our training will teach you how to get the results that you want in all aspects...

Mindset Mastery NLP

This 3 day program will enable you to accelerate desired transformation in behaviours and inspire physical, mental health and wellbeing.

Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis

The Academy of Therapeutic Hypnosis Presents FasTrack Hypnotherapy Training

Family Constellations (Online Courses)

Rapid Core Healing is constructed from the best of former and present psychotherapies with the latest in neuroscience, epigenetics and trauma studies...


Learn how to use the power of hypnosis to stop smoking, stop overeating, eliminate stress and more. Become a certified hypnotherapist, practice in Australia...

Institute Of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Australia

Would you like to pursue a career in Hypnotherapy-Psychotherapy? Upon completion of this course students will receive a foundation Certificate in Clinical...

Empowered Alchemy Training

Take your career to a whole new level

FAQs About Hypnotherapy Courses

How do I become a hypnotherapist?

The learning pathway you choose to become a certified hypnotherapist depends on your current qualification. If you hold a diploma or degree in counselling or psychology, you need to complete a six-month hypnosis certification course. However, if you don't have any background in mental health, you have to undertake a two-year course to learn the concept behind hypnotherapy and its application.

Is Hypnotherapy a good career?

Yes, a hypnotherapy career is a rewarding one as it allows you to change lives for the better while earning good money. A qualified hypnotherapist in Australia earns between $75,661 and $132,598 a year.

Which professions use hypnosis?

Health professionals who engage in mental health care such as psychologists, counsellors, social workers and psychotherapists apply hypnosis on a day to day basis. Life coaches also employ hypnotic techniques to assist their clients in shifting their mindset to achieve their goals in life.

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