Tarot Reading Online

What is Tarot Reading?

Tarot reading is a spiritual discipline that guides you into your future. Some people ask for readings to improve their business or career, others do it to find love, and there are also those who are keen on finding out what lies ahead of them so that they can prepare for it.

Tarot Reading Online in Australia

How Does It Work?

A tarot card reading is facilitated by a qualified psychic healer or clairvoyant. Their readings and predictions are all based on what the client wants to know. In the beginning of a reading session, the client shuffles and cuts the deck of cards before the reader lays them out on the table.

The number of cards laid out depends on the kind of reading that the client wants to receive. The psychic will then start flipping and explaining the card symbols with reference to the client.

What do the Symbols on the Cards Mean?

A tarot deck has a total of 78 cards, which are  divided into two groups, namely major arcana and minor arcana. The former represents significant life events and has 22 cards, while the latter stands for everyday experiences and consists of 56 cards. Here are the meanings behind the symbols on the major arcana cards:

The Food - A new beginning
The Magician - Being in control of everything
The High Priestess - Intuition
The Empress - Abundance, arts, fertility and relationships
The Emperor - Leadership
The Hierophant - Higher spirituality
The Lovers - Choices, union and love
The Chariot - Victory
Strength - Will power
Justice - Balance
The Hermit - Wisdom, humility and discipline
Wheel of Fortune - Boldness and taking risks
The Hanged Man - Surrendering or yielding to others
Death - Rebirth
Temperance - Balance and inner peace
The Devil - Limitation or restriction
The Tower - Unexpected change
The Star - Inspiration
The Moon - Fear of the unknown
The Sun - Happiness
Judgement - New life
The World - Completion

Is Tarot Reading Online Effective?

Yes. Most online tarot readers conduct their sessions through an established communication platform like Skype or Zoom, though some do readings over phone or email. Because they work with the spiritual realm, which is not bound by space or time, these skilled psychics don’t have to be in the same room as their client. Even if they are worlds apart, the reader can connect with the consciousness of their client and provide accurate readings through different electronic devices.

What are the Benefits of Tarot Reading Online?

Receiving tarot readings online is just as effective — if not more effective — as doing it in person. You can set an appointment with a tarot reader whenever you are available and receive your readings in your favourite room as opposed to sitting in a shop. Aside from this, an online session also offers the following benefits:

  • Helps you handle situations in your life 
  • Guides you in the crossroads in your life
  • Connects you with your higher self
  • Helps you gain clarity
  • Improves your relationships
  • Strengthens your intuition
  • Connects you with departed loved ones in the spirit world

Through tarot reading online, you will be able to make better decisions that will produce the best outcome for you and the people who matter in your life.