Energy Healing

Energy Healing

What is energy healing?

Energy Healing is a gentle, non-invasive technique that helps in restoring harmony, energy and balance within the human energy system using touch. The touch is used by practitioner to clear, balance, and energise the energy fields and as a result. It promotes healing and improved physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

What is Energy Healing and How Does It Work?

Energy Healing can be used to complement conventional health care and in collaboration with other approaches to health and healing.

How does energy healing work?

Energy Healing is a type of therapy that stimulates the physical energy circuits of the body to help facilitate its healing mechanisms. This holistic therapy is excellent in assisting in the healing process of the person by unblocking the energy fields and helping in preventing future problems by identifying the issues before they manifest into pain in the physical body. Addressing the energy in the body helps in promoting better health and a greater clarity.

How do you prepare for energy healing?

Preparation for energy healing is an important foundation for good energy healing. It is important that you are relaxed, grounded, and in an elevated state before proceeding for a session.

The following process helps you in preparation for energy healing:

  1. Start by quieting the mind and start letting go of thoughts. Take a few minutes to consciously working on the breathing. Breathwork is an excellent way of getting relaxed, grounded, and center
  2. Raising the vibration to the highest possible that can be managed. The following are some ideas that can bring the vibration to its highest potential
    • Gratitude
    • Amusement
    • Thinking about loved ones
    • Thinking about a special place
    • Smile
    • Meditation or Prayer
    • Breath
  3. Set an intention silently to serve the highest good of the person
  4. Maintain an attitude of non-attachment to the form of the outcome

Types of energy healing

There are several types of energy healing which include:

Health benefits of energy healing

Energy healing provides several health benefits:


  • Helps in treating ailments
  • Helps repair skeletal or muscular injuries
  • Restores the balance to the basic body systems
  • Promotes overall wellness and improved immunity


  • Releases internal roadblocks
  • Develops a "success" mentality
  • Helps in letting go of old feelings such as regret and guilt that has been held back
  • Helps in conquering fears
  • Helps in building confidence


  • Eases the pain brought by depression and can find the joy in everyday life
  • Releases anxiety and replaces it with calmness and confidence
  • Soothes anger and leans toward understanding and compassion
  • Relieves long-held sadness 


  • Gives a sense of purpose and meaning in life
  • Encourages natural intuition and uses it as a guide into good directions
  • Gains new insights 
  • Harnesses unseen connection to all the people in someone’s life