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Natural health is an approach to treating and preventing disease using different natural therapies, which employ mind-body practices or herbal remedies. Natural health takes the entire person into consideration, including their diet, lifestyle, environment, job, relationships and family background, to harness the innate power of their mind, body and spirit to heal on their own.

Natural therapies may vary in application, but all of which aim for a single objective―to treat the root cause of disease. They can be used as stand-alone remedies or alongside conventional medicine. Natural healing modalities are considered safer than other treatment options as they don’t disrupt the body’s natural processes. What they do is restore balance, increase energy levels, support the body’s natural healing ability and prevent disease.

It’s no wonder that people are increasingly relying on holistic treatment methods. In fact, peer-reviewed journals show that more than 70% of Australia’s total population is using natural health modalities as part of their self-care plan or as adjunct therapy. The majority of adults aged 18 and above use vitamin and mineral supplements, some practise meditation and relaxation techniques, and others use homeopathic remedies. Massage therapists, chiropractors and yoga teachers are also constantly in demand.

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