Mobile Massage Services

Mobile Massage Services

What is mobile massage?

Mobile massage is a type of massage service that takes a traditional massage directly to the comfort of the client’s home, office, or in a corporate setting. The therapist uses portable equipment - including portable massage chairs and portable massage tables - but also provide quality services. Mobile massage can be separated into two categories: residential or corporate.

What is Mobile Massage?

Other reasons why mobile massage therapy has become increasingly popular:

  • For old people who can’t travel for long periods of time
  • Professionals who are having hectic or busy schedules
  • For people who are dealing with serious injuries
  • Nursing mothers
  • Parents who can’t leave their small children
  • Being comfortable being in their own space
  • Privacy 

What to expect with mobile massage

Therapists who practice mobile massage services should be a fully qualified in remedial massage. Generally, they bring their own portable massage tables, essential oils, and towels. They will also advise their client beforehand on the other requirements like a warm room. The therapist will also advise you to take a hot shower before the massage as this can help relax the muscles before the session starts and improve muscle recovery after the session. The clients should be in an appropriate attire according to the style of therapy being provided.

Benefits of mobile massage

The following are some benefits received from a mobile massage:

  • Eliminates the hassle of driving or commuting to the massage clinic or spa
  • Reduces stress
  • Greatly promotes relaxation
  • Great overall massage experience
  • Increased comfort