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NLP Courses (Australia)

Tad James Co - NLP Coaching & Training

The Tad James Company is the World’s Oldest and Largest NLP Training Organisation with Offices in Sydney and Las Vegas Enrolling Now - Attend Australia’s...

Tad James Co - NLP Coaching & Training

Learning how to use the technology of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy®, will take your NLP Practitioner skills to...

Tad James Co - NLP Coaching & Training

NLP Trainers Training will prepare you to become one of the most charismatic and transformational presenters you can be.

Inspirited Solutions - Self Directed Healing Practitioner Training

Self Directed Healing (SDH) Practitioner Training $3690 (early bird specials available) Online and in-person training available now The Future of Healing...

Success Dynamics Institute

Now You Can Become A Certified EPIC NLP Practitioner From The Comfort Of Your Own Home, With World-Leading Expert Instruction Delivered 100% Online.

Soul Anchorage

You can REALLY leave your past BEHIND when you take this training with us. Our training will teach you how to get the results that you want in all aspects...

Soul Anchorage

This advanced NLP training format will lift your skills to a whole new level and you will discover an even more effective way of thinking and being in...

Mindset Mastery NLP

For 7 incredible days you will train in a way that will open your mind and align your body to incredible success


Would you like to FREE yourself from your fears,self doubts and past hurts, and create a great relationship, a fulfilling career, a successful business...

Adelaide NLP

Make A Difference in the Live of Others Become an NLP Practitioner

Inner Results Coaching Courses

Experience True Self Transformation. Level 1 Transformational Coaching Course:Live NLP Training in Perth, WAApril 14 - 18Book now and get started with...

Empowered Alchemy Training

Take your career to a whole new level

FAQs About Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Courses

What is NLP qualification?

NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming, a modelling system for personal and professional growth. An NLP qualification will enable you to practise said modality on a professional level and apply for membership in national and international peak bodies for NLP practitioners.

What is NLP training course?

An NLP training course equips students with the modelling tools and techniques used in the application of neuro-linguistic programming, a psychotherapy approach to effective communication and personal growth.

How long does it take to become an NLP practitioner?

The duration of NLP courses varies according to the level of training. Some may run for seven days to a month, while others may take longer to complete. A foundation course takes typically two to four days, but if you're working towards an NLP qualification, your training will take a couple of months.

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