Online Counselling Courses

Online Counselling Courses (Australia)

The Awakening Group College

The Certificate in Holistic Counselling course began in 1999 to support health practitioners and students to utilize dynamic techniques for personal and...

The Awakening Group College

The Diploma in Holistic Counselling course began in 2008 and supports students to facilitate clients to live their deepest truth, understand their needs...

Family Constellations (Online Courses)

Certificate TrainingEmotional Mind Integration is advanced Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy that quickly locates the core of an issue and relevant healing pathway...

Australian School Of Holistic Counselling

Become a certified meditation teacher & start your journey to become a holistic counsellor & empowerment coach!

Australian School Of Holistic Counselling

Take your education further. Our Diploma Level will award you with a Diploma in Meditation Therapy & Holsitc Counselling and a total of 7 accredited Certificates...

Embrace Empowerment Courses

EFT Tapping Training (EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES) EFT Tapping is a wonderful skill to learn for yourself, to use with family and friends, and in professional...

FAQs About Online Counselling Courses

How do I become an online counsellor?

To become a qualified online counsellor, you must first undergo formal education and training and gain membership with a professional association for counselling practitioners. Once you have earned your qualification, you can set up your own private practice and run consultations online.

Are online counselling degrees respected?

An online counselling degree which you earn from an accredited school in Australia is considered as reputable as one gained from an on-campus program. So long as the course and school which you enrol in are recognised by the country's peak bodies for professional counsellors, you can rest assured that your qualification will be recognised.

What courses can be taken to become a counsellor?

Studying counselling online is the best route you can take to become a registered counsellor. Taking an accredited course like Bachelor of Counselling or Bachelor of Human Services major in Counselling will equip you with the skills and training to become reliable and trustworthy. Potential clients would want to make sure that the person whom they are pouring their heart out to has received the proper training and experience for the job.

What are the requirements for an online counselling course?

Most universities in Australia that offer online counselling courses conduct a screening interview. This is usually done by phone or through an online communication platform. Aside from passing the interview at your chosen university, you are required to have a computer and a stable internet set up in your house.

What topics are covered in an online counselling course?

Counsellors are trained to listen to a client's problems with an open mind, and help them utilise various tools to cope with their issues. To help you achieve this goal, the course will provide you with the fundamental skills required to empathize with different emotional or psychological difficulties.

How many credit hours for masters in counselling?

A master's degree in counselling takes two years to complete. It includes at least 200 hours of clinical placement, with a minimum of 40 hours of face-to-face client consultation.

What type of counsellors get paid the most?

Counsellors who focus on mental health earn a lucrative annual income. They help people who suffer from anxiety, depression, substance abuse, stress and suicidal tendencies, among other issues.

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