Corporate Yoga

What is corporate yoga?

Corporate yoga are yoga classes that are specifically designed for the corporate sector and are tailored to the skills and abilities from beginners to the more advanced participants. They are usually timed before work, during break times, or after work usually within the workplace.

Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace

Yoga helps the employee to become more aware of the stress and also give them skills to effectively manage skills. In this way, yoga greatly benefits the workplace, which allows the employees to become more energetic and also increase productivity.

Benefits of yoga in the workplace

Bringing yoga to the workplace helps support the employees’ wellbeing. The following are benefits that can be received from yoga in the workplace:

  • reduces absenteeism and illnesses
  • helps the employees to manage their stress and/or anxiety and depression 
  • improves overall health and physical well-being
  • increases vitality and physical energy 
  • reduces pain from various chronic conditions or repetitive injuries 
  • increases productivity and boosts morale
  • enhances focus, clarity, and creative thinking
  • improves communication skills
  • fosters teamwork and cultivates leadership 
  • increases the overall effectiveness in the workplace
  • decreases workplace injuries
  • improves body posture and flexibility
  • manages and improves health conditions that may lead to injuries
  • improves the employee’s balance, concentration and strength

What to expect from corporate or workplace yoga

In corporate yoga, the following techniques can be used:

Programs used in corporate yoga are tailored to the specific company’s needs. A large space is needed for the participants can comfortably practice yoga. The employees participating in yoga classes will need comfortable clothing and a towel. It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Prior experience is not needed to start yoga.