Online Meditation Courses

Online Meditation Courses (Australia)

Australian School Of Holistic Counselling

Become a certified meditation teacher & start your journey to become a holistic counsellor & empowerment coach!

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FAQs About Online Meditation Courses

What's it like to teach meditation?

Nothing can be more fulfilling than being a transformative agent in another person's life. This is the role which a meditation teacher plays every time they conduct a class and inspire their students to develop their own meditation practice.

What does one have to do in order to become a meditation instructor?

In order to teach meditation, you need to gain qualifications and the proper training from an accredited institution. Aside from that, you also want to gain membership in a professional organisation for meditation teachers such as the Meditation Association of Australia.

What online courses will give me the qualifications of a meditation instructor?

Some people who teach meditation realised their passion for this practice later in their lives. So you'll find counsellors, psychologists and even business analysts holding meditation classes or running their own school. Regardless of your educational background or current job, taking an online course that is relevant to this spiritual discipline, such as the Meditation Teacher Training course or a Diploma in Meditation and Mindfulness, will equip you with the skills, sensitivity and mindset that is required of a meditation instructor.

What are the requirements for an online meditation course?

Aside from the genuine desire to learn meditation, you must also be passionate about teaching because that's the ultimate goal of the course. Helping people cope with stress, gain mental clarity and see their lives with fresh eyes takes a lot of hard work, patience and compassion. Aside from these personal traits, you must also have a computer and a reliable internet connection so that you can follow the training modules.

What topics are covered in an online meditation course?

You will learn the theory and practical aspect of various meditation and mindfulness techniques. In addition, your instructor will explain the important connection between the mind, body and spirit during a meditation session.

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