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A1 Colon Hydrotherapy - BRISBANE & GOLD COAST

Carolyn Burnett

61 Brittany Drv
Oxenford QLD 4210

Servicing area: Brisbane, Aspley, Ormiston, Jindalee, Oxenford, Gold Coast


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A1 Colon Hydrotherapy - BRISBANE & GOLD COAST

A1 Colon Hydrotherapy offers Colonic Hydrotherapy Treatments, in a professional and friendly Environment, to people of all ages Aspley, Ormiston, Jindalee & Oxenford, Gold Coast for more information, click on my website

A1 Colon Hydrotherapy - BRISBANE & GOLD COAST

People around the world are becoming more aware of their own mortality spurring a revolution to become healthier inside and out.

A variety of health strategies have become more popular as individuals discover and experience better ways to live longer healthier lives. One highly beneficial activity that has been growing in popularity with people of all ages is that of colon hydrotherapy - and this is where we come in.

OUR GUARANTEE - If you do not release on your first visit, your next visit is FREE!

Services On Offer

  • Colon Hydrotherapy Treatments
  • Far Infrared Sauna
  • Foot Detox
  • Liver Detox Programs
  • Treatment for Bloating
  • A Wide Product Range including psyllium husk for Body Detoxing

Just visit our Website or give us a call today to discuss the best products or services for your health and wellbeing needs.

Why Come & See Us Here at A1 Colon Hydrotherapy?

\ We strive to set the standard in colon cleansing health services in Brisbane.

We are also the only colonic irrigation clinic in Brisbane offering pre-filtered water systems removing the chlorine and fluoride from the town water system before ionising and oxygenating the water before the colon hydrotherapy treatment, providing a higher level of quality to the service in the industry.

Conditions That Can Be Treated

The services and treatments that we here at A1 Colon Hydrotherapy provide can help treat a range of health conditions and ailments, with the most common including:

  • Headaches
  • Overweight
  • Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Back pain
  • Allergies
  • Depression
  • Bad breath
  • Food craving
  • Loss of appetite
  • Menstrual problems
  • Poor concentration
  • Skin problems
  • Bladder problems
  • Mental confusion
  • Arthritis
  • Insomnia
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Low sex drive just to name a few

Call us on 07 3312 4481 to organise your next Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment

Opening Hours

Mon-Sat :

About A1 Colon Hydrotherapy

he business was developed after the owner, Caroyln, had personally experienced the benefits of colon hydrotherapy overcoming nagging health issues which normal medical intervention could not solve. She was so impressed with the result and the difference it made to her life that she bought the company.

Now the business is at the forefront of the industry and is one of the few colon hydrotherapy clinics in Brisbane with a dedicated and friendly team focussing on your health and wellbeing. A1 Colon Hydrotherapy offers a range of detoxing solutions to suit your personal needs and time restraints including, Colon Hydrotherapy,

Infrared Sauna, foot detox spas and a wide range of inner health products including psyllium husk powders and tablets and custom designed programs for your full Liver Detox journey are also available. Just call us or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today to organise your next appointment or to discuss the benefits to your health & wellbeing.

About Me - Carolyn

Carolyns practical qualifications are complimented by her certification in colonic irrigation (brunelle method) from the Australian Institute of health, Member of the Australian Colon Health Association among her other achievements.

There is no doubt that over the years A1 Colon Hydrotherapy success has been mainly contributed to Carolyns passion to ensure all of her customers are treated with respect in a friendly, caring and professional environment. Her team is trained in all aspects of the businesses operations including the personal service and ensuring the customer always receives exceptional value for money on every visit.


"My 6 year old daughter has been diagnosed recently with "ALL Leukemia" The day after her colonic our Daughter was really transformed, she had more energy than I have seen for months, she was playful, cheeky and LOUD. I would now say that my first stop when fighting any Chronic Disease would be to have a Colonic. Our daughter's change has been dramatic, I only hope now that her blood test results reflect this."
- Cameron, Bribie Island

"Thank you so much, I feel better than I have for many years, I'll be back again."
- Jules, Brisbane - Qld

"Colon Hydrotherapy has improved the quality of my life and helped to eliminate toxins from my body, I have noticed an improvement in my energy and confidence."
- Colleen, Qld

"I have been to a number of different Colonic Hydrotherapist's both in Australia and overseas and Carolyn is by far the best I have seen."
- Natascha, Clayfield Qld

For more information about any of the benefits that Colon Hydrotherapy can bring to your health or to organise your next appointment, just give us a call or click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button today to talk to Carolyn

  • Australian Institude Of Health - Colonic Irrigation
  • Member of Australian Colonic Hydrotherapy Association.
  • Member of Australian Colon Health Association.
  • Member of I-ACT (International Association Colon Therapy)
  • Certificate in Iridology
  • Certificate Massage
  • Complete First Aid Certificate

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