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About Tanya Ormsby

My name is Tanya Ormsby. I am 47 years old. I have 7 children aged from 24 to 7 (almost). I am a chiropractor who had great faith in the body and its ability to heal. I began working as a chiropractor in 1985. I have worked full time and part time and sometimes not worked during having my children. I use Neuro Emotional Technique to help clear emotional blocks and toxicities and nutritional deficiencies than can prevent the body from achieving its optimum state. I also use Neurolink which is an amazing technique to link the body back to the brain. One of my greatest joys in life is to help others progress and grow. How fortunate am in that my work enables me to do this?

About Simone Bosman

I am Simone Bosman and i am a chiropractor who practices with great enthusiasm. I use Neuro Emotional Technique and Neurolink as tools to remove blockades enabling the body to heal, repair and regenerate. I use Nambudnpads Allergy Elimination Technique to remove the allergic response to different foods, contaminants, contactable allergens - and inappropriate responses to ones own body. I also use acupuncture to assist in repairing and rebalancing the body. I have found that cranial techniques do magical things to help children learn.

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