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Maria Vamvouklis is a a fully qualified and accredited Naturopath, Nutritionist, Homeopath, Fitness specialist and Swedish Massage therapist. She has a particular interest in women's health, mental health, weight loss and sports nutrition and understands that all groups have distinct and specific health needs. Visit for more information.

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Do you want to…

• Be given a health care plan, which is easy to fit into your lifestyle?
• Increase your stamina and physical performance?
• Boost energy levels?
• Find a way to live a longer, healthier, happier life?
• Loose weight and slow the aging process?
• Find out if you are at risk of developing diseases such as heart disease and diabetes or cancer?
• Get advice you can trust from a highly qualified health care practitioner?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions phone 0405 811 580 for an appointment today.

About Maria

Maria is a passionate advocate of natural health and fitness. Thankfully Mother Nature has provided us with an abundance of plants that can be used for traditional medicine. In developing a health plan she takes a scientific approach which is an essential part of her evidence based practice.

She aims to work with you to achieve your health goals with the use of traditional herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathy and energetic healing such Bach flower remedies. Not only focusing on the symptoms but also the putting focus on the mind and spirit. Lifestyle coaching and counseling balances the emotional well being of an individual. As well as physical training and fitness programs can help specific goals of wellbeing.

Fitness is a big part of her life, and believes health and wellbeing go hand in hand with functional movement. Athletes require specific needs for sport specific training. Nutritional programs and sport specific fitness programs are created for any type of athlete whether it be a person who is genetically made up with for endurance training or others that require short explosive training. With several years of experience in Muay Thai Boxing, athletics, Parkour and Crossfit, she has an array of experience in a number of sports.

Her philosophy is educating and motivating individuals to reach there health goals by creating a balance with the mind, body and spirit.

About Treatments

You will receive an individualised nutrition and lifestyle program that is specifically designed to treat your health problem. Your treatment program will not only target the cause of your condition but also aims to improve stress levels, maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk of heart disease.

As part of your treatment you will receive a combination of herbal and nutritional medicines. You will also be given specific diet guidelines, stress management strategies and guidance on the types and amount of exercise to aim for.

Health Solutions

Maria has experience in treating many chronic and acute health complaints. She can help you to:

• Feel lighter and look slimmer
• Increase your energy levels
• Lose weight and keep it off
• Improve your performance for elite or amateur sporting competitions
• Improve your eating habbits
• Improve your digestion
• Reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
• Reduce the discomfort and urinary symptoms of infections and prostate problems
• Improve your mood and alleviate depression
• Reduce stress and anxiety and feel calmer and happier
• Improve your libido
• Improve PMS or menopausal symptoms
• Boost your fertility or sperm count
• Achieve and maintain healthy cholesterol levels improve your heart health
• Improve your immunity and your ability to fight off infections
• Do your or your child show signs of any mental health issues?


At the first consultation with Maria an extensive medical history is taken, including your previous health history, family and social history and details of your diet and lifestyle.

Once a case is established, a complete health-care plan will be formulated. For a weight loss program weight and measure is done complete with a 12 week health plan. Follow up consultations are usually in fortnightly or monthly intervals. This will depend on the health issues being treated and the method of treatment used.

Maria has met the stringent requirements set by Medibank Private to become a Members Choice Provider and various other health providers. This guarantees Medibank members higher rebates on consultations. Please check with your health fund provider.

Personal Training

A personal trainer in the comfort of your own home or a local area that is suited to you. So, no noisy smelly gyms or studios, no public outdoor displays (unless you would like to work out at the local park) and no expensive gym fees. It enables you can engage in a professional relationship with a trainer to help you achieve your goals e.g. weight loss, decrease blood pressure, increase strength and much more. Maria will be able to provide a safe and enjoyable exercise regime to help improve your health and make everyday life much easier. Maria will also be able to help educate you on creating good habits in your lifestyle being, good eating, getting enough sleep, and stress relief. All this will help you improve your health and also give you more energy. Specific programs are created based on a health screening questionnaire and consultation for your goals.

Maria aims to provide you with the motivation and education that you need to get moving and keep moving. All the sessions are designed to help you to achieve your goals, and improve your times or strength weight over a 6 week period. During each session you will be challenged in your aerobic fitness, muscular strength and flexibility by challenging a variety of muscle groups at the one time.

Training sessions are available as casual sessions or and be purchased as a package. Groups sessions are available however a minimum of three people is required. Include family and friends and halve the cost with our buddy system, it’s proven that working out with a buddy is more effective than on your own.

Sport specific training includes:

• Strength and conditioning
• Flexibility coaching – yoga, gymnastics, pilates
• Muscular mobility
• Urban & natural movement
• Running programs
• 4 week intensive pre competition program
• Off season coaching


Thank you Maria, for all your help and advice over the last couple of years. I really appreciate your wise counsel on good nutrition, and your readiness to answer or follow-up on any of my queries - all given without being dogmatic or too prescriptive. I find our individual sessions so rewarding. But between appointments, your readiness to answer any of my concerns or questions by return email is also much appreciated. EM

Over the past few years I have lost weight and learned how to manage stress effectively. I have more energy and a more positive outlook. It is no coincidence that I have been seeing Maria over this time and her holistic and pragmatic approach is absolutely key to my current wellbeing. With her extensive knowledge and passion for helping people I can't let a month go by without a visit. Beck C

"As a food and wine lover and confessed workaholic, I was bound to be afflicted with the 'baby boomer' condition....high cholesterol. Over the last six years Jan has guided me through a regime that has enabled me to keep the big "C" under control. Her charming personality, steely gaze when one transgresses and realistic approach to life has made this possible. Maria brings enormous compassion and humour to a profession that many of us dismiss as boring and wowserish! Anyone who has Jan as their health professional is indeed fortunate." Ian

Under Maria Vamvouklis' guidance, I have lost weight and have not regained it. I had been overweight for years and despite numerous attempts to reduce my weight, I was never successful. I was resigned to being fat forever. Over a three month period, Maria helped me to lose 9 cm from my waistline. I feel much healthier and more energetic. I am therefore happier and am getting more out of life. I highly recommend Maria. She is well informed, very approachable and recommends changes to lifestyle which are achievable. KM

After an initial weekend of cold turkey crankiness, I survived the month of October without sugar. I’ve always been a big ingredient reader, but never realised how much sugar is added to our food. It turns out that I really didn’t miss the sugar. My skin is clearer and I lost just over 2 kilos.
The greatest lesson for me in this challenge has been the power of suggestion. I mentioned your article to my Mum and a girlfriend, and this in turn inspired them and two others to participate in the challenge. I love that a small story in a newsletter can create a ripple effect and touch more than one person. It really does make you realise how powerful we really are, and that the power still exists without the added sugar! Thank you – and keep the newsletters coming. LD

I’ve been feeling great and I know it’s because I’ve been eating really well & keeping my stress levels low & emotions under control. I can thank you for inspiring me to take charge of my health - you’ve taught me (and in turn I’ve taught my family) so much and I apply the basic health priciples every day. It’s just a way of life now. Much love, SB

Ive had to deal with thrush issues over the last 3 years and after reading your newsletter i found it have the a lot of conclusive information. Most websites contradict one another and leave me with little hope and rather confused about what to try next but this confirmed several remedies all in one place!
I just wanted to say thank you for making this information and to keep those newsletters coming as they are extremely informative. Especially for treatments of thrush as there is little online information out there on effective alternatives for women who choose to avoid anti-fungal treatments. The side affects are downright frightening and can be extremely painful (from first hand experience). Thank you. AP

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