Abundant Vitality Natural Health Clinic- with a difference!

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Reverse the cause of your health challengs by building health so strong - it overcomes disease! Discover how to give yourself conditions to THRIVE!!! By finding the cause of the cause of symptoms, empowering YOU to self-help using natural means building vibrant health overcoming symptoms & disease (where possible) at any age & condition. If you want to change for the better - then call Jay on 0427 463 855 for a livable plan to build health so strong it overcomes disease. Phone consultations are also available. Call for appointment now - it will be the call that changes your life for the better!

Abundant Vitality Natural Health Clinic- with a difference!

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At ' Abundant Vitality Natural Health Clinic', you can start your journey to VIBRANT WELLNESS.

After a thorough assessment and iridology and sclerology analysis, Jay will recommend the correct Biological living conditions you require to restore your body to a state of vital well-being. Biology is the study of LIFE! and the conditions required to produce optimal health! By understanding the law of cause and effect, you can remove the cause of ill health and your body responds, so you can get back to life at its' fullest!

IN this modern age we have all been exposed to toxic substances- in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink and the materials surrounding us. Our body also produces toxins in the process of digestion and elimination and our lifestyles are departed from nature.

Our signs and symptoms that impair our quality of life often result from the departure from the biological living conditions required for optimal health. A tailored individual program giving you the correct biological conditions to THRIVE!!! will be provided for you at the consultation after assessment of your special needs.

Through the use of the eyeology sciences, you will gain an understanding of your constitutional type and the underlying causes of health challenges as shown in tissue integrity throughout the body. Early signs of future problems ahead can be reversed by acting now. You will be empowered to take responsibility for the condition of your body and you will be motivated to ensure the correct conditions it needs to THRIVE!!! The results will speak for themselves.

Jay is able to assist you with telephone consultations anywhere in Australia. Call now - it will be the call that changes your life for the better!

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