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Activate Life Rehab Riverton

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We specialise in the delivery of Physiotherapy, Injury Rehabilitation, Sports Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology.

Activate Life Rehab Riverton

Welcome To Activate Life Rehabilitation

We use exercise, lifestyle and behavioral modification programs to help manage and rehabilitate sports injuries, work place injuries, posture problems and chronic diseases….and help prevent them from returning!

Activate Life Rehab offers you far more than treatment for your sports, home and work related injuries.  We will take you beyond a simple return to day to day life, we can improve your life.  Irrespective of age or ability, we are confident that a sustainable state of health, movement and fitness can be achieved!


We are a proud family owned company that was established in 2011 by our Managing Director and Head Exercise Physiologist, Hayden Fisher.  We are a recognised Allied Health provider and all of our highly qualified practitioners are ESSA and AHPRA accredited.

The Activate Life philosophy is based on the following principles.

  • Quality Care

  • Improved Knowledge

  • Improved Wellbeing

  • Specific Rehabilitation & Conditioning

  • Specific Exercise Programs

  • Enjoyment in the process

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology is a service devoted to examining the body’s response to physical activity.  In a nutshell, its primary focus is “exercise is medicine”.

Exercise Physiology can help in the recovery or management of the following conditions:

    • Arthritis

    • Cancers

    • Chronic Pain

    • Depression/PTSD

    • Diabetes

    • Heart disease

    • Injuries – Bone, Muscle, Nerve, Tendon

    • Osteoporosis

                ...and many more


Activate Life Rehabilitation’s Physiotherapist’s offer a comprehensive range of skills and services. They use evidence based treatment techniques to ensure the most up to date and effective treatment method is used for your specific problem. They’ll find the cause of the problem, educate and use exercise based programs aimed at functional recovery and prevention of recurrences, allowing our patients to return to their sport, work or day to day life.

Treatment Methods we use:

  • Dry Needling

  • Manual Therapy

  • Electrotherapy (TENS & Ultrasound)

  • Exercise Programs

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us should you have any questions.

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