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Our Team

Dr.Yanfen Cai (TCM)


B. Medicine. B. Health science TCM (UTS). Cert. TCM (Hong Kong)


National Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Dr. Yanfen Cai (TCM) is a registered Chinese Medicine Doctor. Yanfen has been trained professionally in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine; after working 9 years as a Paediatrician in western medical field, combing her experience and knowledge in Western and Chinese Medicine along with her caring approach to clients. she believes that boosting immunity system to prevent disease is more important, so that  her treatment will address not only the symptoms, but also the underlying cause of the condition.

She has a deep understanding of Chinese Medicine and is committed to further studying Chinese Medicine. She continues to learn from many Masters of Chinese Medicine all around the world.  Yanfen can speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese fluently. She also understands how different systems of healthcare can be combined to improve your well-being.

Dr. Yanfen Cai (TCM) often gets asked how she turned her career from Western Medicine into Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. After Yanfen immigrated to Australia,  she was planning to work back into western medical field;  she studied very hard, and had  lots of stress. Later she suffered from hyperthyroidism, her Liver function was damaged by  the side affect of the drug (PTU) , then she had an operation to remove the thyroid under advised by an endocrine specialist. After operation, she suffered from hypothyroidism, and she started always feel fatigue, easy emotional, and her family life was impacted, then she realized that she could not get further solution from western medicine. So she went to UTS to study a 4 -year Bachelor degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine,  firstly she thought that she would have been happy just to have the knowledge and practice Chinese Medicine to look after herself and her family’s health and wellbeing. But through the TCM study, she gains not only her health but the confidence how to treat disease in the nature way and make our body stronger. So that she is happy to choose her career as a Chinese Medicine Practitioner, and she is confident to open her own Chinese Medicine Clinic–Acusum Health at Bella Vista.

Dr. Yanfen Cai (TCM) is highly regarded for her expertise in the treatment of sports injury and traumatology with the Lin treatment method.  She also has experience and knowledge in the treatment of children’s health, emotional disorder, fatigue, IVF support, stress and insomnia. She is confident in achieving real, long lasting results using Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture treatment.

In her treatments, she  shares understanding of the treatment plan and goals in a way that encourages the client to undertake supportive action in their own life.

Focus on: Muscular-skeletal pain, sport injury, chronic pain, digestion disorder, emotional disorders, supporting IVF, endocrine disorders, immunity disorders, fatigue,insomnia, neck pain, headache and paediatrics.

Working days: 6 days a week along the opening hours.

                         Thursday  by appointment.




Dr. Hong Quang Lu (TCM)


B.Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine (UTS)


B.Science in Psychology (UNSW)


National Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Hong is a passionate Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner who has completed his degree from the University of Technology, Sydney. He is highly motivated and inspired to see people get well. It stems from a deep love of learning, growing and helping people with his knowledge and sense of humour. His jokes are so bad that you might actually find them funny!


Volunteering for the Acupuncture Relief Project in Nepal in 2017 was one of the most intense and humbling experiences of his life. During that time, Hong had the opportunity to meet many wonderful, genuinely loving and amazing people who are in need of critical care. He treated complicated conditions including the improvement of stroke symptoms, Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis) symptoms, severe musculoskeletal pain (neck, shoulders, back and knees), hypertension and many digestive complaints (acid reflux, diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal pain and other associated symptoms).


Hong also has a keen interest in cancer treatment and was involved with the Acupuncture Cancer Research Program developed between the University of Technology, Sydney and Concord Hospital in 2016. He supported cancer patients before and during cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, as well as, patients who have completed their cancer treatment. He has found acupuncture to be a highly effective modality in managing many cancer pain symptoms and treatment side effects.


Prior to becoming an Acupuncturist, Hong spent 13 years working as a counsellor and has a degree in Psychology (UNSW). He is passionate about supporting people through their mental and emotional difficulties. He has also incorporated many Chinese Medicine principles to effectively support stress, anxiety, depressed mood, insomnia and other related symptoms.


Hong is driven and focused on alleviating pain anywhere in the body as pain can have such a debilitating effect in people’s lives. He incorporates a variety of treatment methods in his clinic including the use of Balance Method Acupuncture, Electro-Acupuncture, Gua Sha Therapy, Moxa Therapy, Auricular (Ear) Seed Therapy, Acupuncture Press Patches and Herbal Medicine.


He can speak both Cantonese and English fluently

Working days: 10am-6:30pm every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Dr. Charissa Chan (TCM)


Bachelor of health science: in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cert TCM (Chengdu)


National Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner

Throughout the 4 years of study and clinical experiences in both Sydney and China, my passion and energy towards learning Traditional Chinese medicine grew bigger and bigger. I am very passionate in my career and excited to share my knowledge and experience with you

I strongly believe that good health and quality lifestyle comes from a balanced body system. In Chinese medicine point of view, balanced body system can reflect harmony of yin and yang. However nowadays, it is not always easy to maintain good lifestyle and health due to various reasons including stress, food, lack of exercise and busy working life. All of these factors tend to interrupt our system and often arise as one of the symptoms such as headache, migraine, insomnia, digestive disorders, muscle ache, irregular menstruation, fatigue and many more.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help you maintain a good health and quality life style by treating any imbalances in your body.

Focus on: Cosmetic, musculoskeletal, insomnia, emotional and menstrual disorders.

Working days: 10am-6pm every Monday 

Ms Mona Wu


Remedial Massage Therapist

Working days: 10am-2pm, Every  Tuesday


At Team Acusum Health we employ a customised approach when it comes to treatment in order to achieve the most effective outcome for our clients. We do understand that the nature of all diseases, conditions and illnesses are very different in every patient due to their age, environment, mental and emotional factors, gender, lifestyle etc.
Therefore it is critical to first examine and assess the patient thoroughly in order to get a holistic view of the nature of the disease, condition and/or illness. Once this has been determined, the TCM practitioner from Team Acusum Health can then devise the most effective treatment plan/protocol to achieve the best outcome for the patient.
The methods used in the treatments include the following: ACUPUNCTURE, CHINESE MEDICINE, MASSAGE, CUPPING AND SCRAPPING. The most suitable method/s will be determined by the TCM practitioner in the consultations which takes place before commencing treatment.

Team Acusum Health takes your health and well-being very seriously and aims to provide the best and professional service possible.

It is HIGHLY ADVISABLE to make a BOOKING first before coming into the clinic as it can get very busy here.

PHONE NUMBER: (02) 8824 6033 or 0421 508 336 to arrange an appointment.

Parking out the front or 2 hours parking hundreds of car spaces at the podium level.

Private Health Fund Rebates, Hicaps AVAILABLE.

Services On Offer

    • Acupuncture
      Remedial Massage


    • Chinese Herbal Medicine


    • Chinese Massage (Deep Tissue Massage)


    • Cupping


    • Pain Management


    • Children's Health


    • Sport injury


    • Health Maintenance


    • Stress & Anxiety


    • Weight Loss sessions
      .Quit smoking


    • Women's Health treatments


Please call me on 02 8824 6033 or 0430 116 288 to organize your next Massage,Acupuncture or Chinese Herbal Medicine.

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Open 7 days

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Sunday                      :  1pm to 6:30pm

Outside Normal Business Hour by Appointment.


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H148 (Ground Level) / 32 Lexington Drive, Bella Vista, NSW 2153

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Qualification Details

  • AHPRA Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner

  • CMASA(Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia)

  • Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine (UTS)
  • Bachelor of Medicine (Clinical)

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