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Addy Duffey Ka Huna Bodywork & Massage

Addy Duffey
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This beautiful form of bodywork & massage originated in Hawaii and the South Pacific. Ka Huna is an ancient form of temple massage which was used for rituals, and rites of passage...providing a holistic approach to rejuvenation and healing, by balancing and transforming the body, mind and soul.

Addy Duffey Ka Huna Bodywork & Massage

Ka Huna, is a unique, flowing, energetically vibrant, yet deeply relaxing, all body massage. Using the hands, forearms and elbows, in long fluid strokes of varying intensity and rhythm, it allows for soft and deep tissue massage, depending on what the client requires. The energising effects of these exquisite movements are combined with clear healing intent...
focusing on your breath, & allowing your body to melt into the table, as it nourishes your soul, and you surrender to the peace that you unconciously hold inside you.

Past life trauma, soul retrieval, smudging and reiki are also combined in your treatment, not only allowing you a space to heal from any pain and sadness you may hold from this lifetime, but also grief, and emotional blockages you may be holding from other lifetimes aswell.

Divine pregnancy Ka Huna massage is available as well. Nurture your body as you grow an amazing new little life inside of you. My massage table is specially designed for pregnant Mumma's, with an opening for you to lay comfortably and safely on your tummy. Re-connect with your body as you and your baby float into bliss.

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