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Adore Yoga

Nikola Ellis
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Healing yoga for REAL bodies

Adore Yoga

Adore Yoga teaches small group, do-able yoga classes. If you think you're too old, inflexible, big or injured to do yoga, think again. Yoga is for EVERY body and at Adore Yoga we design each class to help you feel fantastic - body, mind and spirit.

No mirrors, no competition, no pressure. Just intelligent, traditional yoga taught by experienced teachers. We specialise in Yoga Therapy, adapting yoga techniques to make the practice work for YOU. From anxiety and insomnia to pain management and soft tissue injury, our highly trained teachers and yoga therapists will help you heal.

All Bodies Yoga


Think you're too old, stiff or unfit to do yoga? This is the class for you! Our friendly, expert teachers will welcome you to class and help you enjoy all the health benefits of yoga. No flexibility or fitness needed, All Bodies yoga is for people of all ages, abilities, gender and background. You don't even need to wear yoga clothes - just turn up wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Beginners Yoga


Beginners yoga classes are the best place to start if you are new to yoga or haven't taken a class for a while. We'll take you back to basics and teach you the fundamentals of yoga including correct alignment and yoga breathing. Your beginners course will cover all the key poses including sun salutes (surya namaskar), standing poses such as Warrior 1, balances such as Tree Pose, seated poses, simple backbends and relaxation techniques.

Gentle Yoga


This class is perfect if you are a beginner, recovering from injury or simply prefer to work at a slow and relaxed pace. You'll enjoy soothing, flowing moves and poses that will help you improve strength and flexibility but without placing any strain on your body. Your teacher will take you through a wide range of poses including standing, balancing, seated, forward bending and backward bending poses. Every pose is adapted to the needs of each student so you are always working at just the right level.

Hatha Yoga


These very popular classes offer a wide range of yoga poses, including flowing sequences, standing poses, seated poses, balances and supported inversions. Your teacher will teach you correct physical alignment and bring your attention to the breath as you link breath awareness with movement. Each class ends with a delicious relaxation.



Meditation is a wonderfully calming, focusing and rewarding practice that everybody can learn. You'll learn simple techniques that will to focus your concentration, reduce the 'mind chatter' and leave you feeling calm and refreshed. Classes include gentle movements to prepare you for sitting and we have cushions, bolsters and chairs available to make sure you are completely comfortable (no need for full lotus pose here!)

Restorative Yoga


You'll experience relaxing, supported poses that will help you to let go of tension in both the body and the mind. Poses are often performed while lying on the floor and your teacher will use yoga bolsters, blankets and blocks to help you maintain a comfortable and relaxed position as the magic of the restorative poses gently relaxes, revives and refreshes your body and mind.

Yin Yoga


Yin Yoga offers long, deep stretches that help you create greater flexibility and a calmer mind. Yin Yoga is a very popular style of yoga that really stretches out all your tight spots! You'll take your time getting into each pose, which you will then hold for several minutes. As you hold each pose, your mind concentrates on the internal sensations, creating a sense of contemplative calm.



A fusion of yoga and pilates, you will experience a variety of yoga techniques that are designed to work specifically on the core back and abdominal muscles. Targeted movements and breathing exercises will help you to identify and work on key areas that will support your posture, spine and healthy movement.

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