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Chinese herbs have been used for many centuries in China, and there are around 13,000 medicine and over 100,000 medicinal recipes recorded in the ancient literature. 

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The most common elements used are plant elements and extracts. All the Chinese herbs must be used under the instruction of the professional Chinese medicine practitioners to control the dosage and avoid the toxin of certain Chinese herbs. There are  three major types of Chinese herbs: decoction, Chinese patent medicine, and Chinese herbal extracts. Nowadays, Chinese herbal tea has also become popular in Asia.


Typically, one formula of decoction is combined using 9 to 18 individual herbs by certain rules. All these herbs will be boiled together in water, and the final decoction will become dark liquid to drink. This is the most traditional way to take Chinese herbs.

Chinese patent medicine

Chinese patent medicine is the standardized herbal formulas. Usually all these herbs will be made into pills, powder or tablets, which is much easier to keep and take. This type is not easy to customize on a patient-by-patient basis which is used for those whose condition is not severe, and can be taken as long-term treatment.

Chinese Herbal extracts

Chinese herbal extracts are granules or powder condensed condensed from herbs. Herbal extracts are easier and more convenient for patients to take. Nowadays, the Chinese herbal tea also becomes more and more popular in China.

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