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Aimee has limited availability for new patients. She has just recently relocated her business from Footscray after 14 years, to Point Cook. To call the clinic phone number will attract a more prompt reply for an appointment rather than by email. Thank you for understanding.


Servicing area

Point Cook, Victoria

Focus areas

Hormonal imbalance Energy Elderly Massage therapy Sporting performance Stiffness

About Aimee

My career began as a practitioner at two busy gyms, and thus fed my interest in physical exercise and sports massage as a combination. I became very skilled at assessing sporting injuries from sprained ankles at step classes and stiffness arising from over-zealous bench pressers and biceps curlers!

In the meantime I became aware of who was the most likely practitioner to help the person very quickly and hence developed a good rapport with sports physicians, GPs and chiropractors.

My practice now resides at Point Cook from January 2013, having relocated from Footscray where I ran a very busy clinic for 14 years.

The use of herbal medicines as an adjunct to massage therapy can greatly benefit sporting ailments and sporting performance and this is an area, which I find very challenging and exciting.

In 2003 and 2004 I massaged the North Melbourne Kangaroos, and I massaged the Australian Womens Cricket Team at the Ashes in England in 2005. Also overseas May /June 2008 where I massaged the Australian Women's Wheelchair Basketball Team in the USA.

As a Naturopath I most commonly see people with digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, and stress/anxiety difficulties.

The main tools I use to determine why someone has an imbalance is usually by listening to the symptoms and using iridology to clarify the basic imbalance, e.g. too much acid, too much mucous congestion in that area etc.

I use herbal medicines, dietary advice and homeopathy to address that imbalance. Herbs can increase production of enzymes and digestive secretions, modify the quantity of hormones released into the blood or ratios of hormones in the blood, help the body to adapt to stress, and support the adrenal glands.

Herbs are potent medicines, extracts from plants, whereas homeopathy medicines are diluted plant or mineral sources, and have been shaken so that the energy of the plant is released, electrochemical blueprint of the original substance is in the water. Homeopathics can be used with young infants and the elderly because they are gentle medicines that don't generally interact with other medications.

Dietary advice completely depends on the person, whether they are vegans, whether they have mucous congestion e.g. cut down on mucous producing foods such as dairy and eggs, or too much acid, reduce breads, pastas, red meat........

Aimee Specialises In:

  • Digestive System
  • Reproductive-Fertility
  • Urinary
  • Respiratory
  • Iridology


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