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Akaal Natural Therapy

Akaal Natural Therapy

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Akaal Natural Therapy

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At Akaal Natural Therapy, our primary objective is to provide you with positive and practical treatment to improve your current lifestyle and to help you with any possible problems you are presently experiencing. It is where you are able to begin your health journey and leave behind your emotional and physical symptoms, mental concerns and become a happier and healthier version of yourself.

At Sat Sri Akaal we utilise natural healing techniques to enhance and promote your body’s own intrinsic healing ability. Nature surrounds us and is often overlooked when it comes to its health benefits, some of these natural treatments make up the different therapies that are available to us today.

I utilise Therapeutic Essential Oils, Nutrition, Herbs, Flower Essences and Bicom Bioresonance Therapy which incorporate the physics of the body, to help the body to reduce its toxins or stress load and effectively restore the body’s internal healing ability. By matching the individuality of the substance to your body’s unique frequency, your body is able to respond in a more effective manner and begin the healing process.

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