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Meet Jo Fuller

I am a regular person, just like you, dealing with problems and challenges on a daily basis.

I was born and raised in a small Australian country town with a population of some 2,000 people. During my early childhood I idolised my grandparents and loved my mother but developed hatred for my father and brother. Both were alcoholics and abuse and violence was a daily occurrence. 

One of my earliest memories is holding onto my father’s leg while he hit my mother.  I only came up to his knee so I must have been very young.  Even at that tender age I was trying to protect my mother and my survival skills and instincts had kicked in.  I spent many years of my life playing the role of a victim and then I found the love and courage to forgive them both. I made a conscious choice that I would no longer be the victim and dwell in the past.

One of the most wonderful things I have learnt about life is that we have this amazing inner strength when we hit rock bottom. We have the incredible ability and willpower to overcome many negatives from our past.  If we can find the modality of healing that feels right for us it is even easier to overcome such obstacles.  I have found such a healing for myself and others through the Akashic Records.

I spent many years of my life searching for answers in numerous books of spirituality and healing.  In 2010 I came across the book “How to Read the Akashic Records” by Linda Howe.  I fell in love with this book and for some reason Linda’s teachings resonated with me, awakening some deeper connection with myself. For the first time everything seemed so clear.  I was excited and amazed that I could actually open my own ‘Soul Records’ and have total trust in the information that flowed from this higher source. The possibilities were endless. What else could I learn about myself? Wow!!! Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would end up doing this sort of work for a living. I was a nurse in my youth before switching careers in my thirties to become an electronics technician and then State Sales Manager for one of Australia’s largest corporations. Although I was earning a sizeable income, I realised how unhappy I was as I was not following my heart. It was not until I discovered the Akashic Records that I understood what it means to be ‘passionate’ about your work.

So, I began ‘my work’ in the Akashic Records, firstly accessing my own personal records, then studying to become an Advanced Akashic Records Practitioner, developing my own business and website. This website offers you an insight into the Akashic Records, what they are and how they can assist you in your human and spiritual development and personal growth.

I am totally committed in supporting you to empower yourself and to have a more conscious relationship with your physical self and your soul.  Your soul is loyal and patient and will wait an eternity for you to reconnect. It may already be glowing brightly with love or it may be a tiny speck of light just waiting for you to begin your journey!  We can reconnect by working within the Akashic Records, it is a safe, peaceful and gentle environment to work in.  With this new awareness, you will be able to live a life that fits who you really are.  Your relationship with yourself and the people you love will be enriched, helping you to reach your full potential in this lifetime.

Why don’t you consider joining me on the path to a deeper understanding of your current life, past lives and to reconnect with your Soul.  I look forward to meeting with you one day soon.

With Love

Jo Fuller

What Are Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness (an energy field) that contains a vibrational record of everything, including a record of your soul’s journey through its many lifetimes and a history of the cosmos.

Your Akashic Records are like a library of many books where each book holds the records of one lifetime, its journey, its purpose and its learnings. Collectively, these records when accessed in the right way are able to provide us with wisdom, guidance and love.

The information in the Akashic Records helps us bring our past, present and future into our current life.

By accessing the Akashic records, we can identify and release anything that we have created in this and past lifetimes, that has blocked our connection to our Soul.

Imagine a library with endless shelves and hallways. Trillions of books on every subject that you could imagine. On those shelves is a book, take it down, dust it off, look closely at the cover. It is about you - a record of a particular incarnation and its related relationship patterns, sacred wounds, joy, heartbreak, love, every word, thought, action and emotion that you have ever experienced is in your book. This is your Akashic Record.

We can look at why we have addictive patterns, why we choose the relationships we do, why we have created our habitual responses, and how to create action in our lives instead of reaction

How do we access the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records can be accessed by you, or on behalf of you (with your permission).

Some people use a sacred prayer process. This prayer has a certain energetic vibration which acts like a key to access the Records. Often people access the Records while they dream. Others like the “sleeping” prophets Edgar Cayce and Douglas James Cottrell use an unconscious deep trance meditation. The Akashic Records are accessible to everyone.

I am an accredited to provide Akashic Record Readings, and also to train people in how to access their own and others' records. You can click on the 'Book A Reading' button, or review our classes if you'd like to learn how to do reading yourself.

More about the Akashic Records

Many artists, inventors, and psychics claimed to have obtained “special” information from their own Akashic Records. These include John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Thomas Edison, Salvador Dali and Mozart. Salvador Dali once wrote, “I am the first to be surprised and often terrified by the images I see appear upon my canvas. I register without choice and with all possible exactitude the dictates of my subconscious, my dreams….” Dali was able to replicate on canvas every minute detail and aspect of his dreams.

Almost, every culture has acknowledged the existence of the Akashic Records, including the Greeks, Assyrians, Babylonians, Egyptians, and more. The Akashic Records is not a religion, yet we find it mentioned in many sacred texts. The records or The Book of Life in the Bible (Psalm 69:28, Philippians 4:3, Revelation 3:5, 13:8, 17:8, 20:12, 20:15 and Revelation 21:27) are described as being in a non-physical plane described as a library.

In Tibet ancient Tibetan scrolls and Buddhist writings proved the validity of these records. In the Samkhya philosophy, the Akashic records are recorded in the elements of akasha, elemental theory of Ancient India, called Mahabhuta.

For those who have a more scientific mindset. The Akashic Field Theory, by Ervin Laszlo, 2004 book, Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything postulates that a field of information (Akashic Field) as the substance of the cosmos. That the "quantum vacuum" is the fundamental energy and information-carrying field that informs not just the current universe, but all universes past and present (collectively, the "Metaverse"). Laszlo describes how such an informational field can explain why our universe appears to be fine-tuned as to form galaxies and conscious life forms; and why evolution is an informed, not random, process.


Accessing your Akashic Records through readings are a great way to start your soul's self-discovery process

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You can learn more about the Akashic Records and progress as far as you like - including learning how to do readings for others

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You can ask to have us present to your group or organisation. 

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Upcoming Classes

Check out our upcoming classes. There is a natural progression as you grow in your understanding of the Akashic Records

How To Read The Akashic Records

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Adelaide - 25 and 26 August 2018

Canberra - 1 and 2 September 2018

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Past Lives, Ancestral Patterns & Healing

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Healing Through the Akashic Records

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