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Akashic Therapy

Zara Rac

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Reiki & Crystal Healings, Psychic Readings, Chakra balancing Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation, Positive thinking & Mindfulness, Aura & attachment clearing.

Akashic Therapy

Our Soul focus at Akashic Therapy is to treat you Body, Mind and Spirit and our Soul Coaching the best Service for this.

Upon joining us for a Soul Coaching session, Zara will meet with you for that initial consultation learning what your needs and expectations are and will offer you an Psychic reading session with our spirit guides to learn where any blockages are in your life that may be effecting you physically, mentally and spiritually.

After this she will tailor the best possible healing therapies to help you to gain the maximum benefits in your life and relieve your symptoms leaving you an awakened and more empowered you!

The Akashic Therapy mission is to heal, body, mind and spirit and to empower you to be the best possible you!

Your sessions can include some or all of our therapies depending on your wants and healing needs.

Are you ready to take the steps and give yourself permission to become the best you?

About Zara

Zara has studied alternative therapies for the past 10 years applying learned mind, body and spiritual therapies into her own life and helping those around her.

She has trained in all aspects of Psychic Development, Crystals and their healing properties, Yoga; Including advanced training in Raja Yoga, Reiki and energy healing through different methods and continues to train and develop in these fields and more to bring people their best possible healing solutions.

Having just returned to Australia from living, studying and practicing Yoga and other therapies overseas, Zara will work with you to bring the best possible solutions for your individual needs.

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