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Akupunkt Massage according to Penzel


This technique was developed in Germany in the 1950’s/ 60’s by Willy Penzel, and is one of the oldest European Meridian therapies with roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Acupuncture. In 1983, the International Akupunkt-Massage according to Penzel College was built; in Heyen, Germany. This technique is now taught in many countries throughout Europe and other countries around the world, and it has now been brought to Australia and New Zealand by Mr Rene’ Goschnik.

AKUPUNKT-MASSAGE (APM) is a technique that uses a combination of massage and acupuncture on the body, by using a specialised metal pen instead of needles. The pen is used to balance the body’s energy flow, through the vessels called meridians and their related acupuncture points. By balancing and transferring energy we encourage the body to self-heal. This technique is aimed to clear up the cause of an ailment, rather then symptoms. A remarkable part of this technique improves and can heal back problems; migraines; female related ailments; stress related symptoms and much more.

Remedial Massage

A paramedical treatment that assists in the restoration of injured “soft tissues” (tendons, muscles and ligaments). Remedial massages incorporates a number of types of massage, along with a variety of other physical treatments to help with you recovery. In addition, you may be asked to conduct some activities at home to help the process of recovery.

Sports Massage

Connects different massage techniques to improve sports performance and recovery. A highly effective component of any training program.

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