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Alive Personal Training

Alive Personal Training

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Alive Personal Training transforms you to exercise consistently . We come to you to make exercise enjoyable for you using our certified knowledge and experience to get you to achieve your goals. At Alive Personal Training we make you "Feel Alive."

Alive Personal Training

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, Victoria

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Posture Wellbeing Muscle tone Lifestyle Fitness Nordic walking

At Alive Personal Training we want you to believe in yourself, it is only then that you will realise you can do anything you want no matter how time poor or busy you are, we even come to you. Since 2002 we have made it our role to inspire and transform you, converting your healthy lifestyle beliefs into actions. It is our responsibility to you to make exercise an enjoyable challenge, as we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live life to the fullest. It is all about you - invest in yourself so you can "Feel Alive."

Training Options:

One on One, Buddy (2-3)
A personal trainer specifically tailors sessions to your needs so that you can achieve your personal fitness goals. Alternatively, you can train in a small group of two or three who share similar fitness goals and motivations.

Running Groups
Running is far more enjoyable when you are with others and you can achieve more too. Running with Alive Personal Training will help you work on your speed, strength, endurance and technique, not just distance. Each session is specially structured so you get a great work out and maintain interest.

Swimming Groups
Swimming provides a great non-impact fitness session for your body. Alive Personal Training offers swimming groups for fitness that cater to everyone, from non-swimmers to the advanced.

Deep Water Running Groups
Deep water running is great for all ages, fitness levels and backgrounds; even non-swimmers. It is a low impact strength training and cardio workout all in one. It is suitable for injury rehabilitation, asthmatics and to increase general fitness. Additionally it increases flexibility, joint mobility and strength. If you run, DWR can train your running muscles without impact and can help you maintain training on a rest day or if you are injured.

Boxing Groups
Boxing is a high intensity, full body workout that will keep you moving the whole time. Achieving:
  • body fat loss
  • increased agility and coordination
  • increased muscle tone (especially arms and gluteals)
  • greater fitness due to a cardio work-out for the whole body

No matter what your fitness level is, no boxing experience is needed by you. Classes offer variety within each session. We will teach you boxing skills and technique, increase your stamina and cardio endurance, develop your abdominal muscles, and burn off more than just calories.

Nordic Walking Groups
Nordic Walking is a great way to increase your calorie burn without adding pressure to your joints. All you need is a pair of Nordic Walking Poles (provided to you by Alive Personal Training) to briskly walk away the calories.
Nordic walking is great for all fitness levels and is low impact which is great for those with injuries. And as you are working your upper body too it assists with improved posture and upper body strength – so more for you than just walking alone.

Exercise Options:
  • Strength in your home, local park or gym
  • Cardiovascular activities including Walking, Nordic Walking and Running
  • Aqua activities including deep water running
  • Stretching – all sessions include guided stretching

Support Options:
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Nutritional recommendations
  • Corrective Exercise (injury prevention and rehabilitation


Aug 2010
“I belong to Alive Personal Training's Saturday Run Group, 8-9 am. Our PT, Stephanie, has a fabulous personality, gives us qualified instructions, relative to each individual, makes each Saturday Run Group interesting and we use a variety of venues; parks, beach and cross country trails. Great to catch up with the girls each Saturday morning.”

May 2010
“I am able to run more than 2 km without my chest feeling like it is going to explode! I am excited about exercise now instead of feeling like it’s a drag. I also felt fantastic on my wedding day and was very happy with the results I achieved.”
“Having a Personal Trainer is a great way to get started and stop procrastinating. I would highly recommend Stephanie and Alive Personal Training. Thoroughly professional”

Jan 2009
“Alive personal trainers are active and interested in assisting us achieve our ongoing goals and will tailor programs to suit individual needs. I have gone from a non-runner to a 30 second runner 1 minute walk to a repeat half marathoner!”
“If you want to feel active and alive I recommend Alive Personal Training for an all-round and personal approach to health and fitness.”

Oct 2008
“I have certainly achieved many personal training and fitness goals along the way but I really value the fact that Steph is able to help me develop and attain my personal goals. Training is individualized, attention is high and safety is always monitored. But there is always fun to be had.”
“To sum up, I value the personalised nature of my training and the holistic approach taken to health and wellbeing. Furthermore, I am encouraged by Steph’s constant pursuits to further her own knowledge base and extend her own training repertoire. I have benefited from my involvement with Alive PT in many ways; well beyond the fitness aspect alone.”

About Us:

Fitness Australia
Kinect Australia (Fitness Victoria)
Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate IV in Fitness
Bachelor of Applied Science Physical Education
Exercise Science Degree
Austswim Swimming Instructor
Deep Water Running Instructor
Nordic Walking Instructor
Sports Medicine Australia Sports Trainer

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