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Alive Radiant Therapies

Robert Vicary

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Alive Radiant Therapies

Therapeutic Reflexology | Remedial Massage | Total Body Wellness

Alive Radiant Therapies

About Alive Radiant Therapies and Robert Vicary

When was the last time you felt truly alive? Is it your time to take the next step to wellness and live comfortably within your body? After spending 25 years working as a Chartered Accountant and then another 15 years as a Financial Planner, it was these questions that catapulted me into a change of career to assist others step on to the path of achieving Total Body Wellness.

As a patient and student of holistic health and medicine from a young age, and a lifelong study and practice of natural wellness and healing techniques, I also completed a Diploma of Remedial Massage, Diploma of Reflexology and a Certificate IV TAE in Training. The study was taught with a Holistic approach incorporating the connections between the body, emotions, mind and spirit. It is by accessing your Radiant Energy within that you are able to harness your purpose and gain the power to start on the path to finding your Total Body Wellness.

Australians are now facing higher proportions of being overweight, living stagnant lifestyles and suffering from anxiety, stress and mental health issues. Remedial Massage and Therapeutic Reflexology has enabled me to start conversations to once again invite Wellness to be a companion and an integral part of your life’s journey.

This is my Invitation to You to “Choose Once Again” your journey to Total Body Wellness.

“I left feeling as if a weight had been lifted that I didn’t know I had been carrying. My back pain was gone, but that was just the start…..” Claire, Keperra.

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Alive Radiant Therapies - Total Body Wellness Therapeutic Reflexology | Remedial Massage | Total Body Wellness

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Alive Radiant Therapies